SQL Server Projects

Engineering computer science students who are looking for SQL Database Server 2005, 2008 projects for beginners and can download sample SQL projects with source code and report for free. Download All Latest SQL Database Projects, SQL Projects Ideas, SQL Presentations & PPT’s Here.

.Net Application Projects using ASP.Net, C# and SQL Server

We have implemented Real Time Application projects in asp.net using C# and SQL server 2005 and 2008. Mainly these applications works like Web applications and Windows applications (Desktop applications). Academic Students can easily download and execute these projects on their system using guidelines and how to execute video file provided by us. Students or users can(…)

.Net Mini Projects for BCA, MCA and BTech

.Net Projects (Non-IEEE, Web Based, Window Based) .Net Application Projects List Online Rental System Course Finder And Allocation Management Tool Load Balancing Strategies Web Enabled Estate Management System A Wavelet-Laplace Variation Technique Traveler Info System Web based Cargo Manager Defect Tracking System Distance Learning System Education Loans Human Resource Management System project Insurance Management System(…)

Asp.Net Tourism Project with SQL Database operations

Tourism Project Project Description: A sample Tourism project which explains about developing an Asp.Net Application in layered architecture. This Tourism application has all coding standards in place. This online Tourism project is developed only for freshers and junior developers. It has Object Oriented Programming which helps Freshers and Junior developers to easily understand how project(…)

Database Library System Project with SQL Code

Introduction: The Database Library System is intended to Automate the library activities such as  Creating a new borrower, Giving   books to the borrowers, Maintaining the details of all the item that were available in the library such as books, videos, journals etc. This also helps the librarians  by providing information such as total copies available(…)

Mysql Project for Students on Report Programs Code Generator Tool Project Report

The main aim of ‘Report Programs’ Code Generator Tool system is to produce code assisted by necessary features and the user needs to provide some input related to the application. Those collected inputs would be saved on to the tablets and an ASCII file would be developed on the basis of the information gathered. All batch programs(…)

Results and Snap Shots of Mobile Shopping cart Management System

Results and Snap Shots Loading status user interface design Then the status of the loading will be displayed to the user. Welcome Screen User Interface Design This Welcome Screen User Interface is the part of the Home module.   Mobile shop User Interface Design This is the main window of the Mobile Payment Service system(…)

Mobile Payment Service System Java J2EE and J2ME Final Year Project

At the starting point of this Mobile Payment Service System project I would like to state that the work done in this Java based project is only a small percentage of what can actually done. The existing Final Year Project system involves a huge amount of the time wastage which has been reduced from this effort. This J2EE and(…)