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Engineering compuer science studens who are looking for sql projects for begineers and can download sample sql projects with source code and report for free.Download All SQL Projects, SQL Projects Ideas, SQL Presentations & PPT’s Here,CSE Final Year SQL projects

  • Asp.Net Tourism Project with SQL Database operations View Here

    Tourism Project Project Description: A sample Tourism project which explains about developing an Asp.Net Application in layered architecture. This Tourism application has all coding standards in place. This online Tourism project is developed only for freshers and junior developers. It has Object Oriented Programming which helps Freshers and Junior developers to easily understand how project […]

  • .Net Frame Work CSE Project on SQL Tuner Project Report View Here

    In today’s industry as per the normal scenario whenever a developer or a programmer design or write any new query he have to submit the same to the DBA of any company for fine tuning. Even the DBA do nit able to tune it to the fullest extent and even if they become successful then […]

  • Rich Site Summary Perl MYSQL NIT CSE Final Year Project View Here

    Introduction to Rich Site Summary Perl Project: The rich site summary projects focus on producing softwares that make sure to keep the website for checking the updates as well as the RSS feed automatically. The RSS reader will surely parse the RSS feed and provides the user with the latest news and updates. The most extensive […]

  • Database Library System Project with SQL Code View Here

    Introduction: The Database Library System is intended to Automate the library activities such as  Creating a new borrower, Giving   books to the borrowers, Maintaining the details of all the item that were available in the library such as books, vedios, journals etc. This also helps the librarians  by providing information such as total copies available […]

  • Mysql Project for Students on Report Programs Code Generator Tool Project Report View Here

    The main aim of ‘Report Programs’ Code Generator Tool system is to produce code assisted by necessary features and the user needs to provide some input related to the application. Those collected inputs would be saved on to the tablets and an ASCII file would be developed on the basis of the information gathered. All batch programs […]

  • Mobile Payment Service Java Project Source Code View Here

    This Project provides full documentation and source code for all Java students. To execute this project follow the below steps: Soft wares Needed: 1. J2ME 2.5 2. JDK1.5.0 3. Tomcat 5.0 4. Eclipse 3.2 Running Process: Copy the CartB2B folder (which is in the folder Code->J2ME)and paste it on the workspace. Create a J2ME project […]

  • Results and Snap Shots of Mobile Shopping cart Management System View Here

    Results and Snap Shots Loading status user interface design Then the status of the loading will be displayed to the user. Welcome Screen User Interface Design This Welcome Screen User Interface is the part of the Home module.   Mobile shop User Interface Design This is the main window of the Mobile Payment Service system […]

  • Mobile Payment Service System Java J2EE and J2ME Final Year Project View Here

    At the starting point of this Mobile Payment Service System project I would like to state that the work done in this Java based project is only a small percentage of what can actually done. The existing Final Year Project system involves a huge amount of the time wastage which has been reduced from this effort. This J2EE and […]

  • Mobile Shop Final Year VB Project with SQL Database Tables View Here

    This Project explains about Online Mobile store system where database created with SQL Server. create database Mobile use Mobile create table agent (AID numeric primary key,AName varchar(30),Contact varchar(50),PhMb varchar(30)) select * from agent create table Payment (AID numeric,AName varchar(30),Contact varchar(50),PhMb varchar(30),SID Numeric,Scheme1 Varchar(30),UID varchar(30),Amount varchar(10)) select * from Payment create table Regscheme (UID varchar(30),SID numeric,Scheme1 […]

  • DBMS- Data Base Management System In SQL Project Report View Here

    Database Management System in SQL can be considered as one of the important aspects in the computer science filed which includes different innovations in it. Especially the data retrieval and data storage are happened to be important aspects in database management systems. Database management system is even playing important role in data storage of some […]

  • Online News Management System VB Project Source Code View Here

    This Online News  Management System provides users to create news and read latest news online. This news system was works like web application and coded with VB and SQL. Modules included in this system are admin page, contact us page, home page, feedback page, new user page, news creation page, user selection page. find the below […]

  • Library Management System PHP project SQL Database Code View Here

    The main aim of this PHP project is to provide SQL database tables to the Library Management System developer or final year students. This application main modules included author details, book details, book category details, contact details, days details, issue details, person information, and more. Find the below added SQL code. /*Table structure for table `author` */ […]

  • Office Automation System ASP.Net & SQL Project View Here

    This Office Automation System Final Year ASP.net Project provides all account management details in office, attendance details for employees, employee management details, Resource allocation in new positions, login and registration process. Main aim of developing this project is to automate all employee details in offices without writing daily records on attendance and leaves. This application database stored in SQL and front […]

  • Vehicle Insurance Mini Project in C#.Net with Source Code View Here

    This Vehicle Insurance Project explains about how to get insurance for old and new two wheeler vehicles when they are damaged. This project provides C#.net web forms  with total code and explains every function. The main aim of this web project is to provide all insurance details for small and big damages to the vehicles and […]

  • Wikipedia Student Project View Here

    Introduction to Wikipedia student project: Students Wikipedia project is implemented using JDK, apache tomcat server using MY SQL. Main idea of this project is to develop a website like Wikipedia which will contain information for students as reference for different topics on technology of different branches.  In every engineering college there are many branches from chemical […]

  • Knowledge Management System ASP Project Full Source Code Download View Here

    Full Source Code developed for all modules included in KMS System. This ASP source code explanation gives more knowledge on ASP coding as well as development of any other web based projects. Future software engineers can try to understand the below bit of code in each feature in this project. Admin Source Code below: private void BindData() […]

  • Knowledge management System (KMS) Activity Diagrams for Engineering Project Proposal View Here

    Knowledge management System Activity Diagram for Customer Login Process Activity Diagram for Admin Add users into the system Activity Diagram for Admin Updating employee information Activity Diagram for Admin Deleting Users from the system Activity Diagram for Admin Add Students to upload study documents Activity Diagram for Admin Updating Student information Activity Diagram for Deleting […]

  • Sequence Diagrams for Knowledge Management System M Tech Project View Here

    These Knowledge Based Management System Sequence Diagrams developed while developing UML Model Diagrams in SDLC. Other Diagrams included here are activity diagrams and ER diagrams. This Project can help for M Tech Students. Level1 Sequence Diagram: Level2 Sequence Diagram: Level3 Sequence Diagram: Level4 Sequence Diagram: Download Sequence Diagrams for Knowledge Management System M Tech Project.

  • Knowledge Management MCA .Net Project Use Case Diagrams View Here

    The below added Use case Diagram and Model Diagram for MCA knowledge based project is going to analyze the middle ware code behavior of the total system. Here admin and user modules are the major roles of the system connected to other sub modules of the system. functions used in this Diagrams are login form and registration form for […]

  • DFD Data Flow Diagrams for Knowledge Management System BE Project View Here

    This Post explains about Data Flow Diagrams used in Knowledge Management system SDLC Design work flow. here we have used water fall model to develop this web application. find the below DFD diagrams for the BE Computer Science project. Here you can find context level DFD diagrams for login form, administrator functionality, customer activities and many more. Download DFD Data Flow […]

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