Robotics Projects Abstracts

This category contains robotics projects abstracts for electronic engineering students. Here you can download free abstracts. Electronics final year students can download project reports and reference material on robotics projects for free.

Develop a Multiple Interface Based Fire Fighting ECE Robotics Project

Introduction to Develop a Multiple Interface Based Fire Fighting Robotics Project: A monitoring system that is based on the real time is presented in a multiple interface that is usually used in the automation of home. The home and building security system includes security modular, appliance controller module, fire fighting robot, television security device, GSM modem,(…)

Robotic Lanmover Final year Project Based on Robotics with Report

Introduction to Robotic Lanmover Final year Project: The implementation and design of a robotic lawnmower, yardbot is represented in this paper and the main objective is to craft a lawn mover that can mow the grasses in a specific area automatically within less than 20 minutes. It should also able to avoid collisions with the obstacles(…)

ECE Project Report on Autonomous Robots

Introduction to Autonomous Robots ECE Project: Autonomous is the word which clearly tells that it works on its own without any guidance. Autonomous Robots are those which work independently without any particular tasks or any kind of human guidance. Most of the robots works with some extent of autonomy and these are of various kinds some robots(…)

Various Images of the GPS Navigation Robot Project

Various Images of the GPS Navigation Robot Project: (Designed In Pro-E)    ISOMETRIC VIEW   TOP VIEW   FRONT VIEW   SIDE VIEW ADDED FEATURES IN OUR BOT  Our GPS Navigation Robot Project has its unique code of 16 characters. It is encrypted in the permanenthidden storage memory unit of microprocessor, where it acts as a(…)

Mechanical Approach of the GPS Navigation Robot Project

Mechanical Approach: Kinematics: The GPS Navigation Robot Project we have designed to traverse on all terrains is on the concept of getting support from all the sides and having the ability to move ahead. The dimensions of the robot are 1600*965*810 mm.                                                     . Design of Wheels and Motors: The locomotion of bot is designed with six(…)

Control Architecture of the GPS Navigation Robot Project

Our GPS Navigation Robot holds a micro processor and three micro controllers for multi task assignment. The camera action, memory allocation, motor action and GPS way point verification are the synchronous process, where the continuous clock pulse is required. Here by we use the Control Architecture, ARM 9 with VME bus based micro processor. ARM 7, ATMEL(…)

GPS Navigation Robot Final Year Mechanical Project

Positioning Sensors Used To Navigate On Rough Terrain: Global Positioning Sensor: Constructional Working of GPS: GPS sensor for Navigation Robot is used to navigate the bot reach the fixed destination. Here we use differential gps system, where the carrier frequency is very high even at low signal status certain adaptive methodologies to reach our destination. The(…)

Robotic Project Report and Documentation

The following algorithm for robotic project report & documentation describes the sequence of operation for both lane detection and obstacle avoidance using Image Processing Analysis. For Lane Detection: STEP 1: Initialize the camera. STEP 2: Take the different orientation of the given lane and pre-process the image and store it in the SRAM. STEP 3:(…)

Robotics Final Year Project Ideas and Topics

Constructional Working of Robotics: Electronic Engineering ECE Approach: Camera: In our Robotics Final Year Project we have two cameras a) C-MOS camera sensor b) Stereo camera           The C-MOS sensor camera is placed at the center of the bot and the stereo camera is placed at the center of the bot and the stereo camera(…)

Mechanical Engineering Projects on Robotics

The computational robotic feature was developed using a mechanical system engineering approach with emphasis placed on the understanding the inter-relationship between system components and on maximizing the overall system performance. The Mechanical Engineering Project development of fully autonomous is a very complex task which holds the consideration of several factors. First, the appropriate view of(…)