QlikView Real Time Projects

Analyzing Customer Loan QlikView Project

The main aim of developing this Analysing Customer Loan QlikView project is to provide an easy way to extract, transform and load the information from the Microsoft Excel Sheet to remove synthetic key using renaming field name and concatenation. Here we are creating KPI’s to calculate customers number, disbursed amount, Over Due Principle amount, Outstanding(…)

Product Sales Analysis Qlikview Project

Project name: Sales Analysis The main aim of developing this Product sales analysis QlikView application is to analyze the total sales data in a company year wise, month wise and week wise and day wise. This analysis includes the ratio of sales data, profit maximization, etc. The Analysis has done with the below 4 Charts namely(…)

QlikView Real Time Projects and Scenarios

Qlik Training Module 1)    Qlikview  Server Qlikview Server components QMC a)Technical brief about Qlikview Architecture Webserver QVS Qlikview Desktop Services installed on Qlikview Server Qlikview Directory Service Connector Qlikview Distribution Service Qlikview Management Service Qlikview Server Qlikview Webserver Qlikview Management Console Mount a folder for deploying Qlikview files (User Document) Connection to Active directory, LPAD Document Reload Licenses in Qlikview Providing licenses to User To add or remove user from document security tab(…)