Project Synopsis

Logistics Automation and Management System Java Project Synopsis

Project Analysis: The main aim of this project is to provide a complete logistics based management system. This Logistics Automation and Management System application consists of following modules Application Module Central Admin Module Online Admin Module Application Sync Module Multi-Phase Automation Management Module Module I: ¬†Application Module: The application module provides the solutions for the(…)

Online Passport Registration Project Report

INTRODUCTION Online Passport Registration PROJECT DESCRIPTION Modules and its Description: Modules: A) National Register Module Pan card Register Module Voter Id Register Module License Register Module B) Web Service Module Application Layer Business Layer Data Layer C) Admin Module NATIONAL REGISTRATION MODULES: As the name itself defines this is a registration module for the public.(…)

Smarter Work Management System Java Project

Abstract: Smarter work management system is a project that provides real time visibility and control over resources, projects, and applications across the organization. This system helps in streamline workflow to improve efficiency and productivity and simplify day-to-day tedious monitoring. Smarter work management system is a project developed to achieve the complexity of interaction between running(…)

Hospital Management System Project Synopsis

This Hospital Management System package is used to automate all the activities of the Hospital. It includes all features which are regularly used in the Hospitals and also it provides with more features like¬† query based reporting system, reports maintained for Administrative purposes. The main modules in this system are: Administration Accounts Reception Diagnosis Stores(…)