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CSE engineering students can select php project topic from given list.Students can download php project topics for beginners with source code.This category consists of Php Projects for CSE final year students,1000 projects in PHP, PHP projects with source code free download,Final year PHP projects.

Technical Support System

  Project Title: – Technical Support System.   Project Description: This Technical Support System is designed to provide an environment for the users to post their queries and get response from the technical experts. This final Year Computer Science Engineering Project contains of two modules:                  General module: – Registration of users, Viewing answers, Updating     profiles, changing(…)

PHP Portal Website

Project Title:  PHP Portal Website Project Environment: PHP, MYSQL Software & Tools: Dreamweaver, Wamp Server  Project Description: PHP PORTAL is the Project which gives the relevant information about Bhopal. In this Final year engineering Project we provide the all destination places like historical places, temples, mosques, educational institutes, hospitals and Tourist places etc. we provide Registration(…)

Kerberos Authentication Protocol

  Project Title: Kerberos Authentication Protocol  Technologies:  HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Core PHP, MySql,  WAMP Server, Adobe Dreamweaver,  Multimedia tools (Xara WebStyle4) Developer Role: Programmer Project Description:  This Kerberos authentication protocol will provide a much secure network free from trapping and sniffing as an unauthenticated user like hackers would not be able to access the LAN network(…)

E – Commerce Portal ASP.Net Project

Project Title: E – Commerce Portal ASP.Net Project Project Technology: ASP.Net (Three Tyre Architecture), Ajax Database  Server:  SQL Server 2005 Tools Required: .Net3.5, SqlServer Reporting, LINQ, Webservices. Developer Roles: Database designing,Involved in coding,Java script coding,SSRS. Project Description: E – Commerce Portal ASP.Net Project developed for final year computer science & Engineering branch students is mainly(…)

Online Shopping Mall PHP Project

Project Title:  Online Shopping Mall PHP Project                                                                                         Technologies Used: Html, JavaScript, PHP Database Server:  MYSQL Project Abstract: Online Shopping Mall PHP Project is a simple real time online portal was developed with PHP & MYSQL under open source category which consists of different features and functionalities in different categories available for sale like we find(…)

Online Leave Management System PHP Project

Project Title:  Online Leave Management System PHP Project. Project Type: Open Source Web Application. Programming Technology Used: PHP Database Server: SQL Server 2005. Software Tools: Zend Server. Project Duration: 6 Months Developer Role: Website Designing, Data base Administrator. PHP Programming.                 Project Description: This Online Leave Management System PHP Project is a great solution for all leave(…)

Computerized Internal Evaluation Test (CIET) PHP Project

Project Title: Computerized Internal Evaluation Test (CIET).     Front End Language: PHP Back End Database: PostgreSQL Operating system: Red Hat Linux 9.0       Description: Computerized Internal Evaluation Test (CIET) PHP Final Year project built over the open source platform, automates the process of conducting internal examinations for engineering students. It has log in form where it can accept(…)