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Online Auditorium Booking Management Application

Project Understanding: In this document, we present our understanding of what needs to be accomplished in the project along with the budget and time estimation. Reference site link:  (checked only to have an idea regarding the features that will be there in the app) Note: This link is basically for academic purpose only and(…)

Lab Test Management .Net / PHP Project Synopsis

Lab Test Management Synopsis: Project Understanding: This Lab Test Management project basically will be used by the Diagnostic center and it has to provide the main functionality of adding lab test to the applications on ad hoc basis whenever needed. The main functionality should involve the addition of lab tests which will be used later(…)

Online Accommodation Information System Project Synopsis

ABSTRACT This Online Accommodation Information System project will basically be an easy to use web application that will allow customers or users to search for accommodation in all localities. It is basically for providing a platform wherein information related to rented accommodation will be provided as per different search criteria. It will have sophisticated search(…)

Budget Monitoring System PHP Project Synopsis

ABSTRACT  Budget Monitoring System is a web-enabled online monitoring information system.  This is mainly for streamlining the flow of annual budgetary allocation on various account heads of an establishment including government departments. It is very necessary to keep watching the utilization of budget allotment in various heads carefully for tracking the progress of various initiatives(…)

Bank Information System PHP Project Synopsis

ABSTRACT: In this Bank Information System project, the bank details are maintained in common. Bank information system manages the account transfer from one bank to another bank. The details that should be maintained is its bank code, branch code, the amount that should be transferred, the account number from where the amount gets transferred. The very important(…)

Train Ticket Booking System PHP Project Synopsis

ABSTRACT The objective of this Train Ticket Booking System project is to reserve the tickets for t the ain through online. Birth ticket confirmation is also made through this railway reservation system. If any person enters to book the tickets they could view the details of all the persons who have booked tickets until and(…)

Regional Transport Office System PHP Project Synopsis

ABSTRACT          In this Regional Transport Office System project, the transport details of the many regions are maintained. This System maintains overall transport details as like what details check post officers will refer to the transport. Every transport detail is maintained in normal especially road transport i.e., bus, Lorries, cars and all two-wheelers(…)

Tourism Information System PHP Project Synopsis

The main problem in the tourism management system sites provides only place attractive information and etc. If User the user wants to view Places extra useful information like accommodation details and food details. Again they have to search this information in different sites. If the user wants to know about the bus, car, and train(…)