Personality Development

This Personality Development contains all posts related to personal growth and Self Improvement. Students can gain knowledge and improve communication skills for attending interviews.

Leadership Gap – Development of Leadership

Introduction The Coca Cola Company starts the project to define the future leadership in a particular and critical situation and explains the CEO/ strategic managers develop the leaders within the future organization.   The Coca Cola Company heard the executives, clients and human resource professionals in their organizations are contains the excellent talent deficiencies with their(…)

Leadership Theories – Development of Leadership

There have so many leadership theories which make the organization simple to search leaders. There have a number of leadership theories Most of the organization uses these theories for successful management. These theories help the organization to determine better leader and maintain successful management. Some of them are referred in below. They are.  Behavioral Theory(…)

Participative leadership or Democratic leadership Style – Development of Leadership

Participative leadership or Democratic leadership Style During the decision making process, these leaders are making the final decision but they are taking the contribution of team members decision in that process. This will increase the person’s skills in their decision making and these are useful for the company. For the team members it also increases(…)

Leadership Styles – Development of Leadership

Leadership Styles There are many leaders and every one has their own style in their leadership. Such as Mahatma, Martin Luther King and Winston Churchill all are having their unique style. But now a day the leadership styles are described by the many of the psychologists and business people. These are describing the simple ways(…)

Seven areas of personal growth

All the personal growth areas must be taken into consideration than only a specific area. For example a roadmap given consists of guidelines for regulating from one area to the other. Initially only six areas of growth are there but later one more is added to it. Total seven personal growth areas are given below:(…)

Example of Personal Development Plan

Since it is found that the personal development is exclusively the responsibility of a person and must intentionally desire for this growth, a personal development plan must be prepared.            In order to achieve the intended goals a personal development plan should be essential. So, therefore personal development plan automatically helps for achieving the specified(…)