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Online Job Portal Java Project Report & Source Code

Objectives of the project: Registration Login Authenticating Updating Profile Posting a job and removing or modifying job Searching for a job Taking online exam Feedback LITERATURE SURVEY There are many applications developed related to this Online Job Portal, but, however, these systems are very complex for their own purpose. Most of them do not have(…)

Warehouse Management System Java Project

Warehouse Management System mainly consists of five modules 1. Master maintenance 2. Receiving 3. Shipment 4. Billing 5. Reports Master Maintenance : Warehouse Management maintains the following master details for various purposes. i) Suppliers Details ii) Sublocation Incharges Details iii) Retailers Details iv) Products Details Receiving : Warehouse Management receives the stock in a validated(…)

Oracle application Development for Mall managament

The following details regarding property management database requirements: There are two types of property: 1) Weekend Outlets 2) Permanent Shops 1) Weekend Outlets: (Friday & Saturday) These outlets are booked in a week(Monday to Thursday) before every weekend.(Friday & Saturday) All outlets are registered to particular tenants. Tenant details will be entered in the system.(…)

Activity Control System Java Project Abstract

The four main activates when working with Activity Control System are Registration of time expenses Task, Project and Customer Management Reporting System Administration. The five main activities when working with Activity Control System are: • Registration of time expenses • Task, project, and customer management • Reporting • System administration PROPOSED SYSTEM We developed a(…)

Web Based Library Java Project

ABSTRACT The most important department in and across the departments of an Educational institution is Library department. It holds immense potential in terms of effectively and efficiently learning information through various resources available. The main purpose of the Library management system is to reduce the work of the Librarian. Library management system is being maintained(…)

Sodexho Passes Management System Java Abstract

Project Abstract: Organizations, Stalls and Sodexho are connected by using tokens to perform commercial transactions. Administrator (SODEXHO) registers the tokens, companies and Stalls to manage the tasks. Companies manage the employee list to whom the tokens available with the companies are issued. Employees move the tokens into the hands of the Stalls against the required(…)

Work Flow Automation System Java Project

Software Requirements Specification for Work Flow Automation System  1) Introduction This document provides details about the entire software requirements specification for the WorkFlow automation system. 1.1 Document Conventions The purpose of this system is to implement the computerization of the applications through an online procedure. It deals with students  who apply the application manually that(…)

Online Itemization Structure Java Project

Abstract: Online itemization structure is an application developed to provide online news service. This system allows the users to read the updated news anytime and from anywhere without any difficulty. Introduction: Online itemization structure is a web application. This application provides the updated news periodically. The purpose of developing this application is to become a(…)

Safe Internet – Internet Content Filtering tool Project

ABSTRACT Safe Internet is an Internet Content Filtering tool that can primarily be used to keep the teenage Internet browsing risk free.  The complete features of the tool are listed below. Block websites 2. Block Web Pages that contains inappropriate contents on the fly. 3. Website redirection 4. Proxy service 5. Report Generator etc. The(…)