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Electronic Employment Management System

Abstract: The project entitled “Electronic Employee Management System” fully describes about the process of employment office schemes and provides the strong connection between job seekers and job providers. In this portal the job seeker has to register their details into the employment office database. Once they register the identities the system automatically post the complete details(…)

Flight Booking Portal

Abstract The project entitled “Flight Booking Portal” is all about and for passenger assistance as the name states.  Now-a-days passenger traveling on a Flight gets confused very Often and is in contact only for the duration of the course that they undergo. Only one third of the passengers in a Flight Onboard are able to(…)

Organics Management System

ABSTRACT The project titled “Organics Management System” is a Web-based compensation model for companies which help in managing all the activities in the Organic Farm. Organics is a public limited company engaged in organic farming and having a keen attitude towards establishing a research based agri-business. Organics provides equity and preferential shares, organic products and(…)

Examination Information System (EIS) in VB

IDENTIFICATION OF NEED: PROCESS IN EXAMINATION BEFORE THE EVOLUTION OF THE EIS SYSTEM: The whole process starts from registration of the candidate for the exam. Registration contains information related to students like Registration number Name Branch Year Exam Fee details… After the registration is completed a list of students who have registered will be issued(…)

C# VB & ASP.Net Major Projects

Welcome to Available 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011,2012 & 2013 C#.Net, VB.Net & ASP.Net Major Projects. Contact us for buying single / bulk .Net projects. A Cost-Based Approach to Adaptive Resource Management in Data Stream Systems A Distributed and Scalable Routing Table Manager for the Next Generation of IP Routers A Distributed and scalable routing table manager(…)

Health and Social Organizations Information Portal

Description of the project: This is an information portal which holds all the information regarding the events conducted by some social organizations (like NGO) and their registered volunteers. It is a website which acts as a platform between the charity/social organizations and the volunteers who participate in those events. As per the event requirement an organization(…)

Academic Project Management in .Net

We are proposing an automated Academic Project Management in .Net where we can overcome all the disadvantages of academic project management and come up with new system that works effectively and efficiently Login Page:  This Entry Point of this Academic Project Management project when the project is run then first this page is execute.  Here every(…)

Gain Store Inventory Management System

Gain Store Inventory  management system provide fully control and keep track for all equipments in the store. Each equipment should be located in specific place in the store and have an unique code .You can manage process Inventory Store in efficient and accurate way, You can keep track any transferring process between stores, This system(…)