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Online Banking Project a ASP.Net and VB.Net Project.

The project “Online banking a ASP.Net and VB.Net Project” is a model website used for performing internet banking. The website enables the users to execute basic banking transactions by sitting at the comfort of their home/office. The customers can access their bank account from the bank website. Through internet, the traditional banking takes the shape(…)

Online voting system a ASP.Net Project.

Introduction: The project “Online voting system a ASP.Net Project” aims at creating a system through which the voting process is made easier in cooperative societies. In the current system, voting is performed by using ballot paper and then the counting is executed manually. This is a time consuming process and involves manual effort. It might(…)

Online Ticket Booking System For PVR Cinemas

Introduction:               The main objective of this project “Online ticket booking system for PVR cinemas” is to book tickets online. It provides an alternate and convenient method for a customer to purchase tickets. The system is automatic in nature. Once the data is fed into the database, the staff need not do anything and the(…)

Saikosound a Online website project using .Net

Computer science final year students who are looking for developing online shopping website using .Net as software tool then SAIKOSOUND a Online website project using .Net  can be helpful. This projects main idea is to introduce E-shopping facility for a well known Saikosound shopping spot located at Hong Kong. This project will provide online services(…)

Implementation Of Eccentric Network For Intranet A C# .Net Project

Implementation Of Eccentric Network For Intranet A C# .Net Project will be best option for a student who is looking for software project which deals with software company problems. This project explains about establishing effective work relation between team leader and team members which will be alternative method for manual work assigning method. Using this application(…)

Courier system service (css) A C#.Net project

Courier system service (css) c#.Net project is solution for betterment of existing time consuming courier system. There is lot of scope for computerizing courier services for improving customer services. This project will fill the gap by providing services like sms   tracking, International goods for transaction- Commerce and provide web based business solutions.  This project uses(…)

Customer Complaint Management System Project

Computer science students who are interested in developing customer care related project, Customer Complaint management system project can be one of the options for selecting a project. The main idea for developing this project is to replace existing manual customer service with a computerized customer service system in a telecommunication company.  In order to provide(…)

File Cutter and Joiner Project

B.tech computer science final year students who are looking for a zip, rar type of java project then File Cutter and Joiner project can provide some knowledge. The main aim for developing this project to solve problem for transferring large files by splitting them in to specified sizes and combining spitted files in to single(…)