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Bug Tracking System A .Net Project

Description: For many years, bug-tracking mechanism is employed only in some of the large software development houses. However, with technological progress this system is also being used not only in small scale firms but also in most personal computers. Initially, most of the others never bothered with bug tracking at all, and instead simply relied(…)

Uttarakhand Roadways a ASP.Net Project

Introduction: This project “Uttarakhand roadways a ASP.Net Project” is basically the development of a website for people who need to access information about Dehradun. This information could be about colleges, picnic spots, tourist attractions etc. Users do not have to waste time by searching several links on the internet. The site has complete information about(…)

University Management System a .Net Project

Introduction: The paper on “University Management system a .Net Project” is a project that comprises of maintenance of university, college, faculty, student information within the university. It is used to store information about the above mentioned parameters and is automotive in nature. The development of this process begins with the system analysis. This system analysis(…)

Ultimate Search Tool a .Net Project

The project “Ultimate search tool a .Net Project” is used to search the file on the network or maybe search a folder in the network within the system. With the help of desktop search, it becomes easy to search for files and folders on the computer. It is suitable starting point for searching information. This(…)

Matrimonial Project Report a .Net Project

The project “Matrimonial project report a .Net Project” is to provide prospective grooms and brides with an excellent matchmaking experience. Through this web application, it provides a wide range of opportunities and resources to meet true potential life partner. Thus a world renowned website has been created so that it provides a wide array of(…)

LGI Monitoring System a VB.Net Project

The project “LGI monitoring system a VB.Net Project” is designed with the aim on handling details of loans, grants-in-aid and investments. This project is basically designed to make processing of loans and grants-in-aid cases in the ministry of Finance. The project is computerized and processes various cases in a systematic fashion right from form filling(…)

Stenography a .Net Project

Introduction: Steganography a .Net Project is the process of hiding messages in a way that only the intended recipient is aware of that message. The project is titled “Steganography” and explains the technique in detail. The messages are first encrypted by traditional means; the converted text is modified again resulting in stegotext. This technique is(…)

Secure LAN Communicator a .Net Project

The project “Secure LAN communicator a .Net Project” is an easy-to-use system for LAN messaging application. A server is not required and is easy to install. This LAN communicator identifies and works under Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista. This system comes with a host of useful features like message notification alarms, personal or group messaging and an intuitive(…)

School Automation Record Management System a ASP.Net

The project “School automation record management system a ASP.Net Project” is an automated system for managing student details. All details like college details, student personal details, academic details etc are handled by it. This system is high in accuracy and back-up is maintained easily. Only the administrator can update and monitor the complete process. The(…)