MySQL Projects

MySQL is the backend database system, We have developed projects with MySQL DB. Students and Projects Lovers can Download Projects with MySQL Database and enjoy executing.

Online DVD Rental System Java Project

INTRODUCTION DVD Rental Store is one of the physical business which rents DVD’s, tapes and DVD equipment’s for home. This system can improve DVD rental system and providing social networking options like face book and twitter. This System includes some features like Late DVD’s fee management, late fees will be charged, and New stock Availability,(…)

Master Chef – Easy & Quick Recipes PHP Project

Preface: Computer technology has proved beneficial in many ways, from visible to invisible, spectacular to routine. In every field computer system occupies special place. Computer makes possible smooth and efficient operation. Cooking has become passion these days, whether may be a student or a working person or a housewife. Now a day so many web(…)

Automation of Department Library Java Project

Introduction: The Automation of Department Library project is aimed at developing an Automated System for the Department library. Department library as the name itself indicates that the library system within a department. Existing system: Here faculty will request the book, then the administrator will search for it and if the book is available it will(…)

Designing a Database System for Tourist Application

PURPOSE OF THE PROJECT: The purpose of the project is to develop a distributed database system for tourist application by utilizing the knowledge and skills gaining from this subject. This project is chosen to enhance the technical skills that are acquired from lectures and lab exercises; every phase of this project includes implementation of various(…)

Organics Management System

ABSTRACT The project titled “Organics Management System” is a Web-based compensation model for companies which help in managing all the activities in the Organic Farm. Organics is a public limited company engaged in organic farming and having a keen attitude towards establishing a research based agri-business. Organics provides equity and preferential shares, organic products and(…)

Material Management and Stores accounting system

MATERIAL MANAGEMENT ABSTRACT: To develop software for Material Management and Stores accounting system to resolve the problems faced by the material managers in the organisation as a solution. Objectives: 1. To develop the software for transparent procurement of materials/ items and accounting of all the inward goods transactions/items. 2. To improve the material management inventory(…)