MS Dissertation Projects

MS students can download latest collection of ms dissertation projects source code and reports. These dissertation projects are part of previous year final year ms projects. These projects are submitted by uk , us , canada ms students.

MBA Reference Material Criteria for Giving Credits and Its Required Qualifications

In order to obtain the credits in the form of loan there are four main criteria steps involved they are capital, capacity, character as well as collateral. The first three steps are related to the borrowers, whereas the final step is related to the evaluation of the property. Capital The capital is referred to as(…)

Ms Dissertation Topic on Banking Financial Institutions

Introduction to Banking Financial Institutions on Ms Dissertation Topic: The financial institutions are having the following objectives: Receiving the deposits as well as the other type of refundable funds from the individuals Managing the tasks and functions of the intermediary within the process of the settling the payment operations Managing the operations which include the foreign exchange(…)

Seminar on Banking and Finance

Introduction to Seminar on Banking and Finance: This literature’s synoptic analysis fetches towards the front insights into the NPL determinants across the countries. There is a believed analysis that the lending policy of bank can have significant pressure on the non-performing loans. Several issues have been examined critically by him relating to the terms of Indian(…)

Definition of Non-Performing Assets in Banking Sector

Introduction to Non-Performing Assets in Banking Sector: The non- performing assets are the factors which are happened in all kinds of banks throughout the world. India is not only the country which is facing this problem of non-performing assets but there are many other countries that are facing the similar kind of problems. If the company(…)