MS Dissertation Projects

MS students can download latest collection of ms dissertation projects source code and reports. These dissertation projects are part of previous year final year ms projects. These projects are submitted by uk , us , canada ms students.

MBA Dissertation Project on Evaluation of Lending Practices among Indian Banks

Introduction Discussion is one of the most important parts of any research. Researcher has linked the theory with literature review and data analysis with empirical data. Researcher discussed the interviews responses based on the theories that have been presented. Detailed discussion of effects in Non-performing assets.  Classification of assets for making provision: For the purpose(…)

Definition of Non Performing Assets in Banks Reference for MBA Students

Now a day’s the Indian banks as well as the financial institutions are facing the problem called enlargement of the NPAs-Non-Performing Assets which is happened to be the uncontrollable aspect. In order to overcome this problem and control it many measures are been taken. Among all the existing steps the introduction of the securitization, the(…)

MBA Banking and Finance Reference on Country-wise Study

China Causes 1. Moral Hazard: Considers that the government of SOE can bail out the moral hazard in difficult time, and therefore it stays to agree higher dangers and in general does not include achieving efficiencies in order to enhance the operational competence.    2. Bankruptcy laws support law courts and borrowers are not trustworthy enforcement(…)

Data Collection Methods in Marketing Research

Introduction to Data Collection Methods in Marketing Research: According to Sasha Hurrell (2004) the data collection method is one of the important aspect within the entire research methodology process and it plays a major role in estimating the main search related to the research and it will verify the collected data and the comparable analysis through(…)

Impact on Non Performing Assets Commercial Banks

Introduction to Impact on Non Performing Assets Commercial Banks: Public and private sector banks profitability, liquidity and also competitive functioning are been affected by the non performing assets and as a result the psychology of the bankers will also affected by NPAs who are depositing towards the credits as well as in the expansion of credits.(…)

The Legal remedies Indian Banks for MBA Students

Through the bank the Legal action is considered as final resort to improve debts. Actually in willful default cases, siphoning of funds and diversion legal actions were the final remedies (Sarat Chandra Dhal, 2003). DTR (Debt Recovery Tribunals) Establishment in the Debts recovery because of 1993 Financial Institutions Act and the Banks.  Rs. 10 lakhs(…)

Factors for Non Performing Assets

Introduction to Factors for Non Performing Assets: There are many factors that contribute to the non performing asset (NPA). Few of them are discussed below. Distributing variety of funds in order to expand the business. Funds could also be distributed for expanding the modern techniques, for taking latest projects and also for helping in relevant considerations.(…)