MS Dissertation Projects

MS students can download latest collection of ms dissertation projects source code and reports. These dissertation projects are part of previous year final year ms projects. These projects are submitted by uk , us , canada ms students.

MBA Dissertation Literature Review on The Global Automotive Industry Value Chain

This report United Nations Industrial Development Organization (2003) includes different author opinions on value chain of global automobile industry and among them the significant aspect is that, it includes the information on global automobile industry. The automobile industry has changed the World technology and it has dominated the other industries by leading the Industrial World.(…)

MBA Project Literature Review on Revving The Growth Engine India’s Automotive Industry

Vikas Sehgal (2009) acknowledged their different views and opinions on Indian automobile industry and specified that automobile industry is the major and significant economical source for Indian economy. Indian automobile industry is serving customers with two-wheeler and four wheeler services and offering different varieties of commercial and personal vehicles. This article explains the comparison and(…)

MBA Project Literature Review on Automotive Mission Plan

Sontosh Mohan Dev (2006) stated that automobile industry is the most competitive industry with wide range of competitors, which needs appropriate competitive strategies to be followed in order to succeed in this market. The mission and vision plans of the specific companies will play key role in running the company successfully. Especially mission plan is(…)

MBA Project Literature Review on Indian Automotive Industry Research and Market Report

According to Research and Market report (2010), Indian automobile industry has a bright history and the first car in India came into the roads in the year 1898 and liberalization and globalization policies has shown major impact on Indian auto industry which lead to drastic changes in automobile industry of India. According to this article,(…)

MBA Literature Review on Determinants of Competitiveness of The Indian Auto Industry

Badri Narayanan G. Pankaj Vashisht (2008) specified his views and opinions on Indian auto industry and automobile imports and export trade. This article even explained the information on organized and unorganized sector of Indian auto industry and specified the information on sales and price indices of Indian automobiles. The global comparison of automobile sector is(…)

MBA Dissertation Topic on Inside India Indians View Their Automotive Future

Indian automobile industry is having good improvements in manufacturing capabilities, potentials and rapid growing market. Even though, there are many developmental aspects in Indian market, still Indian automobile market is facing challenges. India is the country, which is having unique automobile market with great mission and vision statements. The GDP and per-capita values are high(…)

Literature Review MBA Project on Status and Outlook of Indian Automotive Component Industry

Turnover of automobile industry of India is high and it is playing a key role in the economical development of India. This article introduced the overview of Indian automobile industry. According to this article, Indian automobile industry has slowly entered global market and made tremendous changes and turned as the tough competitor for global automobile(…)

Indian Automobile Industry Seminar Report

Introduction to Indian Automobile Industry Seminar Topic: The automobile industry includes different types of automobile companies. Each and every company has its own importance and has developed a lot in the recent time period. This development leads to the heavy competition in the automobile industry and there are many top companies, which are under the automobile(…)

MS Dissertation Ad Hoc Network Project

With the introduction of technology in communication, there are many considerable changes across the basic communication patterns and there are many trends evolved in this context. Transfer of simple data items was the basic aspect introduced across the communication and later there many trends and due to heavy requirements from the customer’s side, the transfer(…)