MS Dissertation Projects

MS students can download latest collection of ms dissertation projects source code and reports. These dissertation projects are part of previous year final year ms projects. These projects are submitted by uk , us , canada ms students.

Tata Motors Company Analysis for MBA Students

What type of marketing strategies do Tata motors follow in Nano sales? Car marketing strategies B) Competitive strategies C) CRM strategies D) All For the above question, among the total number of participants from Tata Company, 20% of the participants answered that they are using car marketing strategies, 20% of the other participants stated that(…)

Research Questions in Automobile Industry MBA Dissertation Project

Gender Specification of the participants involved in the survey?   The above statistics report revealed that among the total number of the respondents participated in the research process, 90% of them are male participants and the rest 10% are female participants. Finally, male participation is high when compared with female participation. Age Specification of the(…)

Literature Review on Car Buying Strategies in a Recovering Market

According to the views of Matthew Keegan (2005) car is the specific products that needs good marketing strategies to be followed in order to sale them. Automobile industry is the tough competitive industry that requires many competitive marketing decisions in order to market the product. This article includes significant information on different types of marketing(…)

MBA Project Literature Review on Urban Transport in India

Shreekant Gupta (2008), revealed his opinion on Nano that it is the low cost car introduced with huge hype and expectations. This article included different opinions of business analysts on Nano car. The engine and other specifications of Nano are explained along with its actual fuel efficiency of 18-20 kilometers per one liter. This article(…)

MBA Literature Review on Impact Of Nano On Automobile Industry

This article is the report of Tata Motors specifying the impact of Tata Nano car on automobile industry. According to this report, Tata Nano has shown major impact on different automobile companies and allowed those companies to think strategically as Tata Motors to reach target customers. In the first year, sales of NANO are two(…)

Literature Review on Automotive Industry

The report of (FICCI-2007) specified the overview of automotive industry of India and explained the added advantages of automobile industry in India. According to this article India has high potential of automobile industry, which contributes 4%GDP in Indian economy. Indian automobile industry offers different types of automobiles such as cars, scooters, bikes, busses, trucks, jeeps,(…)

MBA Dissertation Literature Review on The Global Automotive Industry Value Chain

This report United Nations Industrial Development Organization (2003) includes different author opinions on value chain of global automobile industry and among them the significant aspect is that, it includes the information on global automobile industry. The automobile industry has changed the World technology and it has dominated the other industries by leading the Industrial World.(…)

MBA Project Literature Review on Revving The Growth Engine India’s Automotive Industry

Vikas Sehgal (2009) acknowledged their different views and opinions on Indian automobile industry and specified that automobile industry is the major and significant economical source for Indian economy. Indian automobile industry is serving customers with two-wheeler and four wheeler services and offering different varieties of commercial and personal vehicles. This article explains the comparison and(…)