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2010 Pojects Mobile Computing

List of  2010 projects mobile computing: Download latest collection of 2010 projects on mobile computing from this site for free of cost. students can find latest mobile computing project reports, projects source code and project documments and paper presentations. students can download these projects and use these projects as reference for there final year projects.(…)

Projects Mobile Computing 2010

List of projects mobile computing 2010: Download projects on mobile computing 2010 from this site along with project report, source code and base papers for free of cost. we provide previous year mobile computing projects which are submitted by final year students . Students can use this information as reference for there final year projects. (…)

Cse Projects Mobile Computing

List of cse projects mobile computing:   Download collection of cse projects on mobile computing and more information on every mobile computing projects. Students can download project reports and source code with ppt for every mobile computing projects. These projects are part of final year major projects.                   submit cse(…)

Mobile Information Provider Java Project with Source Code

Project Title: Mobile Information Provider Java Project with Source Code Software Requirements:  J2EE, Oracle, Nokia Software, WML. Project Description:  Mobile Information Provider Java project was developed for final year engineering graduates to submit their project report. The main aim of designing this MIPS is to provide total information about Mobiles phones, internal information of the(…)

Data Aggregation in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks Project Abstract

Data Aggregation in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks project explains about congestion notification for drivers about the traffic surrounded by the vehicle and provide a secure driving option and reduce accidents on highways.  This application will communicate information of other vehicles speed and diversions they take while traveling, this information will help drivers take precautions.  Information(…)

Mobile Jammer with User Selectable Pre-Scheduled Time

Project Title:  Mobile Jammer with User Selectable Pre-Scheduled Time Project Description: In this Mobile Jammer with User Selectable Pre-Scheduled Time project we use the microcontroller to set the pre-scheduled time.  So that we can activate the jammer in that particular time only. As with radio jamming, mobile jammers block mobile phone use by sending out(…)

Mobile Tracking System Project

Mobile tracking maintains the present place of the cell phone. To place the mobile, this should be switch on and yet there is no need of an active call. Tracking is present to upload this data to the general website where your “family and friends” is able to see your final reported place. Modern cell(…)

Mobile Phone Power Management System Project

The fastest development of the cell phone company has outcome under millions of costumers of battery powered and handheld cell phones. Several costumers of these mobile phones would result telephones to be switch off since they should create an outgoing call and hence protecting the energy of the battery for weeks or days.  Modern trends(…)

Mobile Internet Technology for Intelligent Transportation Systems

The globe of technologies of Internet and Mobile are quickly gathering. These modern things create remarkable result under this period. The seamless connection under which its critical technologies to gather and grow prior it evolved like prevalent and operational as it connects the counter area. With the help of WWW, we are communicating with the(…)

Mobile Communication Cell Electronics Project

The general sight which can be seen nowadays is people with their cell phones in their hands. It is really a boon for good communication. Mobile phones are less powerful radio gadgets which send and receive frequency radiation of radio by an antenna which is applied next to the head of the user. Digital systems(…)