Micro Controller Projects

Micro controller projects listed here are for electronics and electrical engineering students. Students can download Micro Controller Projects project reports, Micro Controller Projects list and Micro Controller Projects in c for free. Download All Micro Controller Based Final Year Electrical and Electronics Projects, Ideas, Abstracts.

Stride Time Estimation Real Time Peak Detection Implemented On an 8 Bit Micro Controller

The aim of the project is to design “Stride Time Estimation Real Time Peak Detection Implemented On an 8 Bit Micro Controller”. COMPONENTS: Micro Controller (8051), Ultrasonic Sensor, A/D Converter, 16X2 LCD. ABSTRACT: Real time peak detection can be implemented by using ultrasonic sensor. Ultrasonic Sensors also known as Transceiver which is work on a(…)

Automatic Switching Of Induction Motor

Automatic Switching Of Induction Motor Abstract: INTRODUCTION:  Now-a-days, water crisis in India has been reached to alarm proportions and its wastage during transmission is identified as the major cause responsible for the problem. So in order to resolve the issue to some extent we have come up with Automatic switching of induction motor in houses,(…)

Wireless Equipment Control Using Microcontroller

In our project wireless equipment control using microcontroller AT89C51, we implemented a wireless based control circuit for efficient operation of the industrial equipment. The proposed circuit is capable of switching four devices at a time in required time based on the time interval set by the user in the transmitter. Wireless Equipment Control Using Microcontroller(…)

Heart Beat Monitoring System

In recent days wireless patient Heart Beat monitoring system Project are gaining high reputation in medical field in terms of providing a reliable and accurate diagnosis for the patient. Here in this project Report “Heart beat monitoring by GSM technology” we implemented a micro controller based heart beat monitoring system based on GSM module. These(…)

Automatic Street Light Control Project

In Automatic Street light control project for on & off using light dependent resistor, we developed an automatic energy efficient device using micro controller based on light dependent resistor. In recent day’s energy efficient control systems are gaining importance due to the implementation of embedded systems in the field of automation technologies, the key elements(…)

Load monitor and Breaker with Digital Display using Microcontroller

In recent days the application of micro controllers are increasing in electrical equipment protecting devices. Electrical systems are allowed to operate without any proper control system, so keeping this in mind we implemented a “Load monitor and Breaker with Digital Display using Microcontroller “  to protect the electrical systems from over currents. The basic requirements(…)

Logic Gate Emulator ECE Mini Project

Logic Gate Emulator ECE Mini Project mainly developed for Electronics final year students. This Logic Gate Emulator is the device that is used for emulating the microcontroller logic gates like NOT OR, AND etc. this device has different switches that is used to select the device. They use SPDT switched for the logic gates and these device(…)

GSM Based Home Security System Project B.tech ECE Idea

Project Title: GSM Based Home Security System Project Introduction to GSM Based Home Security System Project: When we talk about the security the one thing come in mind that whether our home is secure or not. It is must to secure our home first then look at other things. Our home has always important documents, money(…)

ECE Project Abstract on ZigBee-Based Vehicle Access Control System

The system of vehicle access control is one of the most important sub-system of the residence section of the intelligentized department. Today there is an urgent need of emphasis on safety of property and personal property, control of vehicles, authorization of access and vehicle management via the use of computers. This document also describes a(…)

RFID-based Autonomous Mobile Car Project Abstract for ECE

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) framework is looked upon as one of the top ten imperative advances in the 20th century. Modern mechanization provision is one of the crux issues in advancing RFID. Thusly, this paper plans and enables a RFID-based self-governing portable auto for broadly requisition of RFID frameworks. The microcontroller of Microchip PIC18F4550 is(…)