Micro Controller Projects

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Zigbee Based College Bus Data Monitoring System

The college-bus database monitoring and controlling system in the college need to be continuously monitored by the computer. These monitoring system include bus transition monitoring system, where continuous monitoring and parameter checking required. Most of the current monitoring and controlling system having human interfaces and some difficult task like maintaining such data with accuracy. It(…)

Managing Industrial Automatic Car Parking System

AIM: The main objective of this project is to develop an embedded system, which is used to manage the parking automation system using RFID technology. IMPLEMENTATION: This Managing Industrial Automatic Car Parking System project is implemented on an 8051 based At89s52 developed board interfaced with RFID and LCD for display purpose. BLOCK DIAGRAM POWER SUPPLY: DESCRIPTION: RFID(…)

Smart Sensor Interface for Industrial WSN in IoT

Existing Work: In the existing work, the developed system was not efficient in the view of task scheduling, as the system was used was a non Linux device and also external Ethernet was used for the communication purpose. Proposed Work: On a Raspberry Pi (Single-Board Computer) board of ARM 11 architecture will be ported with(…)

Accurate Electricity Monitoring of the Household Appliances

Aim: The main aim of this project is “To reduce the interference and to get the accurate electricity monitoring of the household appliances”. EXISTING SYSTEM: In the existing method electricity can be monitored by using the parameters like voltage and current these 2 Parameters can be sensed by using the voltage and current sensors. but the controlling(…)

Speech Recognition Controlled Intelligent Robot

ABSTRACT  Aim: aim of this Speech Recognition Controlled Intelligent Robot project is moving a robot by giving specific voice to the module. Description : This Speech Recognition Controlled Intelligent Robot paper proposes a robot motion authored using speech recognition module. The proposed method is a user friendly method that easily authors  robot motion according to(…)

Stride Time Estimation Real Time Peak Detection Implemented On an 8 Bit Micro Controller

The aim of the project is to design “Stride Time Estimation Real Time Peak Detection Implemented On an 8 Bit Micro Controller”. COMPONENTS: Micro Controller (8051), Ultrasonic Sensor, A/D Converter, 16X2 LCD. ABSTRACT: Real time peak detection can be implemented by using ultrasonic sensor. Ultrasonic Sensors also known as Transceiver which is work on a(…)

Automatic Switching Of Induction Motor

Automatic Switching Of Induction Motor Abstract: INTRODUCTION:  Now-a-days, water crisis in India has been reached to alarm proportions and its wastage during transmission is identified as the major cause responsible for the problem. So in order to resolve the issue to some extent we have come up with Automatic switching of induction motor in houses,(…)

Wireless Equipment Control Using Microcontroller

In our project wireless equipment control using microcontroller AT89C51, we implemented a wireless based control circuit for efficient operation of the industrial equipment. The proposed circuit is capable of switching four devices at a time in required time based on the time interval set by the user in the transmitter. Wireless Equipment Control Using Microcontroller(…)