Mechanical Projects

Mechanical projects list and ideas provided here consists of project reports and paper presentations. Students can use these projects for mini and major projects reference material.Download All Mechanical Engineering Projects, Project Reports, Project Abstracts, Projects Ideas, Project Documentatio.

Demonstration of a Lighting System for a Motor Vehicle

This project has the three main modules Application of Practical Shop Processing – Applicable Products Lighting System of an Automobile – Demonstration Model Parallel Clamp – Applicable Equipment OBJECTIVE: The main aim of the project is to have set up experience on demonstration of a lighting system for a Motor vehicle by studying the basic(…)

Design & Analysis of IC Engine Components

Abstract: IC engine is the major component in any automobile IC engine is not just a single component, it is an assembly of various components It is very important to know how much pressure, load & stresses are acting on those parts and also the effect caused due to these parameters must be estimated So,(…)

Bicycle Driven Low-Head Water Pump Abstract

Many crops especially rice, need stagnant and copious supply of water for a good yield and the river ayacuts in India have been well developed for a perennial flow of water atleast during the crop season. Irrigation plays a vital role in agriculture as a leading input both directly and indirectly because the cost of(…)

Pneumatic Six Axis Material Handling Equipment

The current material handling processes includes complicated designs and the cost of the system is also high. Hence every industry is in need of a suitable material handling equipment which must be of low cost and also it must be flexible enough for the users. This Pneumatic Six Axis Material Handling Equipment project serves as(…)

Automatic Conveyor Belt System with Metal Detector for Carrying the Luggage at Air Ports (mC)

Aim: The system is aimed to detect a particular bag that carries metal objects. If such bag is identified, automatically the conveyor belt system that carries the luggage of passengers will be stopped automatically & raises an alarm. WORKING: The luggage carrier system designed with electro mechanical components is controlled by the C unit: the(…)

Presentation on Automatic Walking Machine

Contents Introduction of Machine Objective Methodology Literature Survey Material Solution Schematic Diagram Introduction Of Machine Different types of Machines are available for traveling Min. distance in city. Like Activa, Yo Bikes.etc. But Mostly they are going to costly because of petrol’s prize and Due to Automobile’s Heavy Parts. We found the Problem of this kind(…)

Advanced Mechanical Projects

The below Projects are developed for Mechanical Final Year Students. These are advanced level mechanical projects especially for those students who are looking for innovative thoughts in the mechanical department. S.No Mechanical Project 2017 – 2018 1 Head controlled solar wheelchair for physically handicapped 2 Innovative StairCase Lift Design for Elderly at home 3 Smart(…)