Mechanical engineering project ideas

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Novel Hard/Slippy Coatings Project

Project Title: Novel Hard/Slippy Coatings Academic Research Areas: Surface Engineering Project Description: Coatings that combine high hardness and wear resistance with very low friction coefficients are very attractive for many applications, including cutting tools, punching and forming tools and bearings. Such coatings can be formed by producing a matrix of a hard material e.g. titanium(…)

Friction and Wear Characteristics of Hard Coatings Project

Project Title: Friction and Wear Characteristics of Hard Coatings Academic Research Areas: Surface Engineering Project Description: Hard coatings are required on many cutting tools to reduce wear and permit higher cutting speeds. Effective coatings require high hardness, good toughness and low coefficients of friction. The pulsed magnetron sputtering process has been shown to produce titanium(…)

Ring Rolling Machine Project

Project Title: Ring rolling machine Academic Research Areas: Design & Manufacture Project Description: This project relates to a compact and low-cost, manual ring rolling machine. Ideally a wholly mechanical design is expected. Product Details: The project will involve the design and build of a low-cost manual ring rolling machine. Resources Required: CAD software, Machining facility,(…)

Business Process Simulation Project

Project Title: Business Process Simulation Project Description: Industry today encounters a massive challenge in competing in the global economy. The acquisition of enabling technology involves enormous risks in financial terms. Identifying competitive strategies calls for drastic change in managing operations as efficiently as possible. Computer simulation is one tool that provides an effective vehicle for(…)

Topologies, Routing and Multimedia Applications Project

Project Title: Topologies, routing and multimedia applications Project Description: The goal of this project is to configure a and implement a series of routing algorithms an Ethernet network of 4 different topologies, and to run this configuration with typical TCP/IP applications and a single multimedia application. A range of routing algorithms available in ITGURU. The(…)

QoS in VoIP Networks Project Synopsis

Project Title: QoS in VoIP networks Project Description: Voice over IP (VoIP) technology is rapidly emerging in the telecommunication market. It enables a telecommunication company to employ a single network to transmit both data and voice traffic. The VoIP technology is gaining popularity in the enterprise and residential markets because the quality of the voice(…)

Metal forming using local pressure Project

Project Title: Metal forming using local pressure Project Description: Converting flat aluminium alloy and mild steel sheet metal into structures exhibiting a (hemispherical) compound curve is traditionally performed by what Americans refer to the ‘English Wheel’, and what everyone else refers to as a ‘wheeling machine’. These passive machines are inherently a mature technology. This(…)

Using ultrasonic testing to measure the contact between a railway wheel and rail

Project Title: Using ultrasonic testing to measure the contact between a railway wheel and rail Academic Research Areas: Vehicle Dynamics Project Description: The levels of stress between a rolling railway wheel and the rail are very high and it is therefore very difficult to measure the precise shape and size of the contact patch that(…)