MCA PPT Presentation Topics

MCA PPT Presentation Topics listed here covers latest technologies. Students can find detailed explanation on each topics with abstract and paper presentation for free download.

Latest MCA PPT Presentaton on Blade Server Technology

This Blade Server Technology ppt is about blade server. An in detail explanation is given regarding the blade server. The paper also covers the differences between the server and also the blade server. It also covers the advantages, limitations and also the applications of the blade server. A blade server is a server with a limited(…)

MCA PPT Topic on Biochip Technology

Introduction to biochip seminar report: The biochip seminar report is about the biochip. It forms a cooperation relationship between the electronics and also the biology. The ‘Biochip’ is combination of the words Bio and Chip where the word Bio stands for the biological entity and chip in general can be a computer chip. A relationship is established(…)

PPT Presentation on Brain Computer Interfaces

This brain computer interface paper presentation is about the interface between the brain and the computer system. And in detail explanation is given regarding them. And the paper also includes the description regarding the EEG. An electroencephalogram or EEG is considered as a measure for the measuring the voltage fluctuations of the brain which are detected(…)

Brain Computer Interface MCA Seminar Topic PPT

This brain computer interface seminar is about brain computer interface. It forms an interface between brain and also computer system. When we speak about the brain computer interface the main focus is on EEG.  EEG plays a vital role in the neural system. The system EEG is capable of measuring the voltage fluctuations of the brains(…)

MCA PPT Topic on 64-bit Computing AMD64 and Intel Itanium Processors

Introduction to MCA PPT Topic on 64-bit Computing AMD64 and Intel Itanium Processors: This Presentation is about 64-bit computing Seminar topic . In this type of computing the processor have size of the integer, widths of the data path and also the address of the memory locations are of 64bit wide. The 64-bit computing involves the(…)

Hacking A New Perspective PPT Presentation

Introduction to Hacking A New Perspective Technical Seminar Presentation: In Hacking A New Perspective Technical Seminar Presentation we discuss about hacking and understanding hacking objectives, also the techniques which are involved in hacking and also the dangers caused to our computer system.  Hacker is a word which has two meanings i.e. a hacker is one who likes(…)