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Latest MBA Finance HR Marketing Projects List

MBA PROJECTS: 1000 Projects provide academic guidance to students to complete their project requirements (summer projects, internships, assignments) on time. We provide academic guidance regarding the project report works whatever necessary. Sample Topics in Finance Report on Currency Derivatives Competitive Analysis of Trading Performance of mutual funds and its Awareness among the patrons in the(…)

Knowledge Management Project Report for Management Students

Introduction to Knowledge Management Project: This paper discussed about a popular evolving business opportunity, knowledge management for both IT vendors and management consultants. Many organizations are associated with this concept.  There is a severe need in current business world for the replacement of word ‘Information’ with the word ‘Knowledge’ at every aspect. Information management is one(…)

Electronic Banking Management Project Report for MBA Students

Introduction to Electronic Banking Management Project: Generally electronic bank means people think that is twenty four hours availability for money access through ATM, withdrawing or transferring money and saving accounts. The electronic bank service include like transferring money and checking your accounts and also replacing the paper transactions. Electronic fund transfer is done through the cards(…)

MBA Project Report on Internet Usage in India

Introduction to MBA Project on Internet Usage in India: This article contains the thinking type and alertness of the computer users on the internet service. People settled in the urban areas were taken under the survey by the IMRB about who use the Internet service regularly. Who are the Internet owners and who all non-users of(…)

Five Commonly Outsourced Human Resource Activities

According to this study the most important five commonly outsourced human resource activities are: The assistance or the counseling of the employee. The plans about the pensions or the retirement. The benefits of the other employee (Health, Medical, Life, Insurance, Cafeteria, etc) Training Payroll The use of the outsourcing has been considered for the number(…)

An investigation into the optimization of core HR administrative activities through outsourcing

Abstract  Organization performance depends on many aspects and the key among them is the Human resource management. In general there are two important types of administrations task across the HR and they are core and noncore HR administration tasks. HR outsourcing is the widely used practice these days and this implementation has shown success across(…)