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Internal Examiners Report for MBA General; Banking; Finance; HRM & Marketing

MBA General; Banking; Finance; HRM; Marketing Student No Surname  Forenames Date submitted:         Title of Dissertation   Supervisor: FIRST MARKER’S NAME: Mark         SECOND MARKER’S  NAME Mark Agreed Mark           Bases of Assessment Comments Marks Abstract  (Summary of Study) The Focus of the study How data was collected(…)

Different research strategies of core HR administrative activities through outsourcing

Different research strategies  In general any research involves both the primary and secondary source of information and in this context the actual strategies followed to gather the primary source of information can considered as the research strategies. There are different types of research strategies and they are as explained below  Experimental approach  A perfect scientific(…)

Research approach followed in RBS MBA project

Inductive research approach is followed in this context, where the actual theory of the research is derived from the observations with respect to the research problem considered. Importance of HR outsourcing and the key pros and corns of it are studied at this research level and the solution to the research problem identified requires proper(…)

Research methodology and Findings of MBA Project Dissertation

Research methodology and Findings Methodology  The main methodology chosen to conduct the required research is explained in detail in this chapter with reference to the actual source of information from the corresponding primary sources and secondary sources. The research methodology main includes few aspects like the research philosophy implemented and the range of usage done(…)