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Strategy Implementation Literature Review

Strategy implementation  “Strategic implementation is regarded as a form of organizational learning wherein the threats and opportunities are studied to come up with new strategies in response to such threats and opportunities. This makes the organization to finetune its strategies according to the environmental factors which is a constant learning process.”.  It is inferred from(…)

Five tasks of strategic communication and implementation

Strategic Communication Figure 2.1: Five tasks of strategic communication and implementation  It is recommended that the strategic communication and implementation process is based on the identification of the environmental problems of the organization internally and externally and the evaluation of strengths and weaknesses. This important step in the strategic process is “Analysis and Diagnosis”. This(…)

Role of Organizational Strategies in Improving Job Satisfaction of Employees

Aims and Objectives Aim: To investigate the role of organizational strategies in improving the performance and job satisfaction of employees within AMT COFFEE LTD.  Objectives Following are the research objectives To critically review the organizational strategies and the corresponding theories To evaluate the importance of organizational strategies against the employee performance and job satisfaction To(…)

Approaches to the Strategic Management Process

Below are the approaches to the strategic management process: Process 1:                    This approach of the strategic management process is generally carried out in five steps and the management can make the employee understand the strategy by following these five steps and they are: firstly, employees need to think strategically and they also need to(…)

Human, Financial and Technical Resources for Achieving Organizational Goals

The process of using human, financial and technical resources for achieving organizational goals while considering a variety of environmental variables is called Strategic Management. In addition to this, the process of sharing the strategy, staff, styles, structure, skills, succession, systems, goals and values is another facet of  Strategic Management. According to research it is evident(…)