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Complete Review to the Organizational Strategies and the Corresponding Employee Performance

Summary  Complete review to the organizational strategies and the corresponding employee performance and job satisfaction towards the organizational strategies is done across the Literature review with reference to the opinion of various authors. There are few gaps in the literature towards the level of communication to be implemented to make sure the employees understand the(…)

Job Satisfaction of the Employees with Proper Implementation of Strategies

The management of the organization concentrates on designing of a strategy and its implementation in the organization to improve job satisfaction for the employees working in the organization. Job satisfaction plays a significant role in the performance of the employee. An employee becomes productive when he is having job satisfaction; even it is evident from(…)

Systemic Perceptions on Strategy

Due to the social embbededness, in impersonal economic estimation the economic activity is not possible to place in the different sphere. The financial characteristics are rooted into a network that contains families, careers, relations and the state. The ends and means of the activity are influenced by these networks, and the reasonable and appropriate nature(…)

Classical Approach to Strategy Literature Review

The classical approach is influenced by the military tradition, because there the decisions are finalized by the solitary general and so here the world is viewed as a rigid hierarchy. The “intellectual inheritance” of the economics has complemented the military tradition. Later, in 1994 Von Neumann and Morgernstern sited this tradition at the heart at(…)

Approaches of a Strategy Literature Review

Approaches of a Strategy There are many theories of strategy which deeply explains various aspects.  These different theoretical frameworks on strategy are successful because the attention spans and preferences of the organizational management are shifting. It is also said that present models of strategy have nothing more to do with the certainty and exactness but(…)

Strategic Management MBA Literature Review

Strategic Management  According to Shrivasthava, strategy is sustained as an ideology because the five criteria that can identify an ideology are satisfied by his strategy. By referring to published work on strategic management it is clear that in an organization “what the management feels good will be good for all the others”. It is also(…)

Organizational Goals and Strategy Implementation

The long term or short term goals of the organization are accomplished by developing an effective strategy. “The success of any strategy begins with skilful recruitment and human resources policies and work through internal debate and effective communication.”.  The strategy is analyzed through the means of planning to gain ability and core competencies in order(…)

Strategy Implementation Literature Review

Strategy implementation  “Strategic implementation is regarded as a form of organizational learning wherein the threats and opportunities are studied to come up with new strategies in response to such threats and opportunities. This makes the organization to finetune its strategies according to the environmental factors which is a constant learning process.”.  It is inferred from(…)

Five tasks of strategic communication and implementation

Strategic Communication Figure 2.1: Five tasks of strategic communication and implementation  It is recommended that the strategic communication and implementation process is based on the identification of the environmental problems of the organization internally and externally and the evaluation of strengths and weaknesses. This important step in the strategic process is “Analysis and Diagnosis”. This(…)