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Electronic Banking Management Project Report for MBA Students

Introduction to Electronic Banking Management Project: Generally electronic bank means people think that is twenty four hours availability for money access through ATM, withdrawing or transferring money and saving accounts. The electronic bank service include like transferring money and checking your accounts and also replacing the paper transactions. Electronic fund transfer is done through the cards(…)

MBA Finance & HR Project Titles

MBA Finance Titles: Liquidity Management in Bank Mutual Funds Strategy in Bank Credit Analysis in Banks Derivatives in Bank Inventory Control Management in Any Industry A Detailed Study on Non Performing Assets of India Vehicle Finance In Bank Credit Appraisal System In Bank Marketing Services In Finance Cash Management In Bank Financial Statement Analysis In(…)

MBA Project Report on Internet Usage in India

Introduction to MBA Project on Internet Usage in India: This article contains the thinking type and alertness of the computer users on the internet service. People settled in the urban areas were taken under the survey by the IMRB about who use the Internet service regularly. Who are the Internet owners and who all non-users of(…)

Role of HR Outsourcing towards Employee Motivation and Job Satisfaction

Title Role of HR outsourcing towards employee motivation and job satisfaction: A case study with System simulation software organization. Project description  HR outsourcing the common practice implemented by most of the organizations across the world these days and the main benefits with the HR outsourcing is that the overall organization performance and efficiency can be(…)

Level of Involvement of the Employees towards the Production Strategies

Involvement of the employees towards the organizational strategies is really important to decide the fate of the strategies being developed and implemented across different units of the organization. Employee involvement against the production strategies initiated by the operational manager is analyzed in this section. When the question like, the level of involvement of the employees(…)

MBA research project on AMT Coffee Ltd Company

Research sample size (If you interview and give questionnaires to 45 respondents, are these all the employee of the branch where you are working? If that’s the case, you can say you used a census of the entire population of employees in that particular branch.): The actual number of employees or participants interviewed for collecting(…)

Data collection methods: Primary source of data & Secondary source of data of MBA Project

Data collection methods: In order to complete the research of the project successfully, certain information related to the problem considered in the project is very much necessary and that important data is collected is used for further analysis. Primary source of data and secondary source of data are the two ways for collecting the necessary(…)

Quantitative Research Methodology of MBA Project

Quantitative research method: The quantitative analysis of the research problem considered is done using the quantitative research methodology. This kind of research methods will explore the statistical and numerical analysis of the research problem that is regarded. The evaluation of the results gathered from this research method is done statistically and numerically done. This research(…)