MBA HR Projects

Employer Branding through Recruitment & Selection

Objectives of the Study:  To study the effectiveness of employer branding in creating employee value proposition. The strategies of Employers to build Brand through Recruitment and Selection. To analyze the perspective of the ex-employees, current employees and prospective employees towards a Software Company. To identify the factors that increase job satisfaction of the employees. To(…)

A Study on Employee Safety and Welfare Measures Project Synopsis

SYNOPSIS Wellbeing and Welfare is the principle sympathy toward the representatives. Minor ignores may likewise bring about irreversible risks. Consequently, the breakdowns in everyday exercises ought to be checked in each capacity. A domain ought to be made with the end goal that the representatives work courageously, concentrating on their work as opposed to wellbeing(…)

A Study on Six Sigma Training Program with Reference to Selected IT Companies in Hyderabad

OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY To study the impact of six sigma training program on service quality. To determine the satisfaction levels of the employees on the training program process using six sigma provided to them. To study the gaps in employees effectiveness before and after the six sigma training sessions conducted by the company. To(…)

Employee Job Satisfaction A Study at ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Co Ltd

OBJECTIVES The main objective of this Employee Job Satisfaction A Study MBA HR Project at ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Co Ltd is to describe the various expectations that determine the satisfaction level of employee. To identify the factors concerning employee job satisfaction and to analyze and interpret the collected data. LIMITATIONS Due to the constraint(…)