MBA Dissertations

MBA Dissertation Topic list provided here consists of project reports for ms mba students. Students can use these projects as reference for dissertation projects.

Role of HR Outsourcing towards Employee Motivation and Job Satisfaction

Title Role of HR outsourcing towards employee motivation and job satisfaction: A case study with System simulation software organization. Project description  HR outsourcing the common practice implemented by most of the organizations across the world these days and the main benefits with the HR outsourcing is that the overall organization performance and efficiency can be(…)

Future Work of MBA Final Year Project on AMT coffee limited

Future Work  Apart from the extent of research done towards gathering the information towards the level of employee involvement and the corresponding communication process followed by the management to make sure the employees understand the organizational strategies and improve the job satisfaction of the employee, there is still some future scope to this research and(…)

Conclusion and Future Work of Organizational Strategies MBA Project

Conclusion and Future work Organizational strategies are very important to decide the success or failure of any organization and in general there are different strategies developed towards different units in the organization. Even the performance and job satisfaction of the employees also depends on the level of involvement of the employees towards the organizational strategies(…)

Best Ways of Communicating the Strategies to the Employees

What are the best ways of communicating the strategies to the employees and what is the role of managers in achieving this? As the main aim of this project is evaluate the impact of communicating the organisational strategies to the employee on their job satisfaction and performance, few respondents are interviewed with respect to this(…)

Strategy Development and Implementation Process Followed Across Distribution Unit

Research findings from interview with Area managers Area managers are interviewed to gather the required information related to the strategies implemented across the sales and distribution level and the level of employee awareness towards the strategies implemented across the unit and the corresponding findings in the opinion of the area managers interviewed are as given(…)

Level of Involvement of the Employees towards the Production Strategies

Involvement of the employees towards the organizational strategies is really important to decide the fate of the strategies being developed and implemented across different units of the organization. Employee involvement against the production strategies initiated by the operational manager is analyzed in this section. When the question like, the level of involvement of the employees(…)