MBA Dissertations

MBA Dissertation Topic list provided here consists of project reports for ms mba students. Students can use these projects as reference for dissertation projects.

Research Questions of Indian Tourism Project

 RESEARCH QUESTIONS: In this research researcher has scheduled planning for solving the questions that `have been chosen by the researcher in order to evaluate the consumer behaviour in tourism in India. Particularly this research will try to answer the following questions.  Following are the research questions identified for this research  How consumer behavior is affected with the(…)

Problem Statement of Indian Tourism Project

PROBLEM STATEMENT: According to the problem statement in research has its own importance which deals with present problems and possible solutions to those. This section gives the motivation of the researcher to conduct research. This section explains in detail why this research is mandatory for the researcher. This section must be treated with caution in order to give a simple and powerful solution to this problem else it will fail to justify this research. This makes(…)

Statistics of Indian Tourism

Arithmetical facts are an imperative instrument for the design and strategy architect not just for designing or strategy formation other than too to supervise the improvement of the proposals and assess their effects. The Ministry of Tourism carries out an yearly periodical called” India Tourism Statistics” each year providing information of international and national tourism, as well(…)

Reasons for the Popularity of Tourism in India

BACKGROUND: REASONS FOR THE POPULARITY OF TOURISM IN INDIA India is a nation of distinguish, edifying customs, language, climate, costume, gastronomy as well as standard of living, which differ from province to province. This harmony in assortment – seen in daily life creates it an eye-catching spot for tourists from all around the globe. (H,(…)

Consumer Behavior on Indian Tourism Project

CHAPTER ONE: INTRODUCTION  ENQUIRY OVERVIEW: ABOUT INDIA: India is habitually branded as a subcontinent since it is a different landmass, not just a state. Since it has numerous characteristics of a continent, it is not as large as one, so is not considered a continent. what on continent we can see everything is available to see(…)

MBA Finance & HR Project Titles

MBA Finance Titles: Liquidity Management in Bank Mutual Funds Strategy in Bank Credit Analysis in Banks Derivatives in Bank Inventory Control Management in Any Industry A Detailed Study on Non Performing Assets of India Vehicle Finance In Bank Credit Appraisal System In Bank Marketing Services In Finance Cash Management In Bank Financial Statement Analysis In(…)

How to Motivate Employees in Pubs and Restaurants in London

Index:  Chapter 1:     Introduction 1.1             Background Chapter 2:     Literature Review 2.1             Model a framework Chapter 3:     Methodology             3.1      Research prerequisites 3.2        Data analysis 3.3        Research findings Chapter 4: Recommendations The employee efficiency is placed and evaluated directly which can be related to employees motivation structure. This are can be evaluates and discussed by different(…)

How Mobile Marketing Does Affects the Business Value of the Small Organizations in the Opinion of Marketing Agencies

How mobile marketing does affects the business value of the small organizations in the opinion of marketing agencies: A case with Fetch media Mobile marketing is the recent trend in the marketing and there are different types of mobile marketing and these include mobile advertisements, bulk SMS, premium rate SMS, mobile appointments and mobile voucher(…)