MBA Dissertations

MBA Dissertation Topic list provided here consists of project reports for ms mba students. Students can use these projects as reference for dissertation projects.

Analysis and Findings of Consumer Behavior on Indian Tourism MBA Study

ANALYSIS AND FINDINGS INTRODUCTION: Chapter four amused a comprehensive conversation on the study methodology, which would be implemented in the experiential element of this research. The consequences, which were attained from the allocated feedback forms, would be demonstrated as well as construed in this section.                                      The outcome of the feedback forms would be demonstrated(…)

Summary of Researcher Strengths and Weaknesses

STRENGTHS The strengths achieved by the researcher in this research are ease of collecting data and availability of people in chosen places. Moreover the researcher was able to collect the data through primary data collection method by distributing questionnaire to respondents. The respondents responded well by taking time and reached more than the author expectations.(…)

Explanatory Data Analysis Methods of MBA Case Study

Explanatory data analysis methods Schlegelmilch disclose that the beginning tip in explanatory evaluation is the frequency allocation for every attribute of attention. The rate of recurrence would demonstrate in complete (easy calculation) or virtual requisites (fractions) how frequently the diverse values of the attributes are integrated in the study model. The rate of recurrence of(…)

Editing and Coding of MBA Project

Editing and coding: (Stuart and Alan, 1962) indicate to editing as the evaluating of information gathered, to guarantee that all the questions contain suitable replies. Distinctive errors, which could be recognized by editing, are: more than 1 reply chosen, if merely 1 reply is permitted to a query; hoping a question. If the participant has(…)

Data Analysis of MBA Dissertation

DATA ANALYSIS: Analysing collected data is the major step in research methodology. This is nothing but testing or examining the data which is collected from the respondents. In data analysis the data is either in numeric form or in non-numeric form. If the data is in numeric form then researcher easily analyse data by taking(…)

Data Collection Methods of MBA Study

DATA COLLECTION METHODS: Data gathering is a word exercised to explain a course of arranging as well as gathering information – for instance as element of a method development else comparable task. The reason of information gathering is to get data to maintain on evidence, to create judgments concerning significant subjects, to go by data on to others. First and(…)

The Questionnaire Design of MBA Study

There are nine steps involved in the development of a questionnaire: 1. Decision on required information. 2. Defining the target respondents. 3. Method of reaching targeted customer. 4. Decide on question comfortable. 5. Develop the question wording. 6. Keeping meaningful format and order in questions. 7. Considering questionnaire length. 8. Pre-test the questionnaire. 9. Final(…)

How Data Gathered From the Respondents

Researcher gathered data through distributing the questionnaires to visitors and arrives in Heathrow Airport, London Bridge, oxford circus, and Westminster. 100 questionnaires were carried to Heathrow Airport and 50 questionnaires to Westminster, 150 questionnaires to London Bridge, and 100 questionnaires to Oxford Circus. By distributing the questionnaire to each and every respondent researcher had collected(…)

Sampling Method of MBA Study

SAMPLING METHOD: The MBA study will use the probability sampling because the use of results for such method will not be of limited value. In probability sampling method each member of the population has non-zero probability of being selected. The specific sampling technique that will be used is the random sampling. .  These questionnaires are(…)

Research Design of MBA Project

RESEARCH DESIGN: The objective of the explore practice is to generate latest information. This course of action receives 3 major structures investigative research : it forms and recognizes latest issues Constructive study : it generates resolutions to a issue Experimental research : it checks the probability of a resolution utilizing experimental proof This research is(…)