MBA Dissertations

MBA Dissertation Topic list provided here consists of project reports for ms mba students. Students can use these projects as reference for dissertation projects.

Role of women in Canada

The challenges as well as roles differ for each woman and they are not a homogenous group. In Newfoundland and Labrador, the women are urban as well as rural differing in age, different ethnicities, lesbians, Aboriginal and with disabilities. These diverse group of women’s dwell in society in various positions which is noticed from the(…)

MBA Dissertation Literature Review on Global outsourcing Report 2012 Analysis

The Outsourcing report of 2012 states that outsourcing allows companies to function at a global scale without hindrances. The report also states that most companies have a positive outlook towards outsourcing to other companies because this allows them to manage their businesses in a cost-effective manner. Outsourcing is not only cost effective, but it also offers companies(…)

Sample MBA Dissertation Research Approach and Methodology

Introduction to methodology The methodology is the system that contains wide range of principles or rules in which the particular methods and procedures are considered in order to solve the problems that arise within the specific type of research process. Types of Research Methodologies The methodology contains two different types of perspectives such as quantitative(…)

MBA Dissertation Project on Analysis of International Out Sourcing

Goal The main goal of this research is to identify the significance of global outsourcing in change management process of the companies. Identifying different external and internal change management problems that take place in global sourcing process is the actual goal of this study. Alternately, to propose different change management strategies and methods that can(…)

MBA Dissertation Literature Review on Infosys Company

According to Infosys (2012), Infosys Company is one of the biggest IT Company that is having its operations in major countries of the World. Infosys is a 30-year-old company, which includes different services like software technology services, technical consulting services, system integration services and infrastructure management services. Infosys is the huge company with wide range(…)