MBA Dissertations

MBA Dissertation Topic list provided here consists of project reports for ms mba students. Students can use these projects as reference for dissertation projects.

Post-modern tourists MBA Study

After the demographic tourism improvement, the travelers belong to the different regions. They will find various beautiful locations for improving the tourism performance. For that the tourism department will have to spend some amount. So in each and every place tourism department will maintain their persons for identifying the beautiful destination regions. So in this(…)

Roles of Tourism MBA Study

Roles of tourism  In 1970’s the recessions and the various departments will play a significant role in improving the economy of the tourism department. TAT will conduct various campaigns to increase the efficiency. Traditional heritages will improve the performance of tourism department. Tourism has its own objectives. Those are as follows. Promoting the tourism and(…)

Indian Tourism in Era

Tourism in Era  The researcher had explain the definition of tourism as the “de – territorialization” of the tradition of the corresponding nation. Tourism can be mainly able to deal with tourists and can make the economy full. So this department is the one department which earns much more money compared to remaining all other(…)

Tourism in future in India

Tourism in future  Ten years later the average rate of tourists will be increased and there will be a lot of demographical change in countries which are mainly developed countries. Social trends are increasing everyday, the tourism activities are also improved a lot. The no of tourists are increased day by day. Tourism industry also(…)

Tourism Industry Development in India

International tourism department is the huge amount earner than the remaining departments in the world. This tourism department will also maintain the balancing nature between two factors that affect the tourism industry development. It also gains the top position in employment. Tourism jobs will help in increasing the employees and also increase the economic developments.(…)

Identified Ports for Cruise Tourism in India

In the world,Indiais graded as the ninth most famous tourist destinations and is now regarded as most wanted destination of cruise. Cruise tourism has been identified as thrust area by the Indian government, and several positive steps have been developed in order to support the industry of cruise and to placeIndiaas a cruise destination internationally.(…)

Central India: The tourist welcomed

Back ground:  Central India: The tourist welcomed … the adivasi exiled  In maintaining with nature-based tourism and ecotourism’s global trends, and with famous destinations attaining capacity, the government ofIndiais progressively launching fragile areas for the development of tourism. For tourism, a considerable overlap that is being suggested is present among the new areas and ancient(…)

Role of government in developing Indian Tourism

Development of Tourism and Tourist Destination in India and the Role Played By Government Introduction:  Tourism is being buildup by the Indian government as a tool for social stability, alleviation and sustainable development. In fact, the socio-economic injustices and inequalities will be improved rarely by the tourism. While repealing, diluting, and changing regulations and policies initially(…)

MBA Graduate Student Research Questionnaire

Research Questionnaire Dear sir/madam, I am a graduate student studying for the MBA qualification. As part of my studies, I am presently conducting a survey to find out the factors that are considered as important when taking the decision to travel to India. It will be much appreciated if you could be kind enough to(…)

Conclusion and Recommendations of Indian Tourism MBA Project

INTRODUCTION In the previous chapter researcher performed analyzing the data gathered from respondents and also presented empirical findings. In this chapter researcher is going to present the conclusion that has been raised from the work done. In this chapter researcher is going to discuss about the factors that are highlighted in previous chapters and also(…)