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MATLAB Projects

 Matlab Projects List: This category consists of MATLAB Projects, MATLAB Projects for ECE and EEE,MATLAB Projects on image processing,MATLAB Projects abstracts,MATLAB Projects project reports. Modeling of Armature Controlled DC Motor Using MATLAB Project Report SIMULATION OF EXTRA HIGH VOLTAGE LONG TRANSMISSION LINES Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Btech EEE Final Document Simulation and Fault analysis of(…)

Simulation of Extra High Voltage Long Transmission Lines

Simulation of Extra High Voltage Long Transmission Lines: The electrical power system has three principle divisions the generating stations, the transmission system and the distribution system. The transmission lines link between generating station and the distribution system that lead to other power system interconnections. Today, we are using of Extra High Voltage (EHV) transmission lines(…)

Simulation and Fault analysis of HVDC on MATLAB

This Simulation and Fault analysis of HVDC on MATLAB report has clearly demonstrated the methodology for modeling steady state operation of HVDC transmission system rectifier using universally available software Mat lab/Simulink. Functioning of complex HVDC transmission system converter can be obtained by analytical modeling. Further easy to comprehend analytical model in universally available software like(…)