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Object Detection Matlab Project

Abstract Object detection is the process of finding instances of real world objects such as faces, vehicles and buildings in images or videos. Face Detection and Pedestrian Detection comes under the Object detection. Vehicle detection is a part of Object detection. Vehicle detection mainly focus on detecting the vehicle. Automated Vehicle detection will be done(…)

Automatic Meter Reading System Project Using GPRS

In Automatic meter reading system project using GPRS, we implemented a GPRS Automatic Meter Reading System in order to enhance security for the electrical suppliers in controlling the unauthorized electrical power usage. Web services based GPRS automatic meter reading provides better solutions for the managements in meter reading of power consumptions accurately with no scope(…)

Development of color sensor using wireless camera based on MATLAB image processing

The main aim of this Development of color sensor using wireless camera based on MATLAB image  processing project is to develop a color sensor using a camera that can be implemented using MATLAB based Image Processing. Color is the most common feature to distinguish between objects, sorting and recognizing. This technology can be used in Packaging(…)

EEE MATLAB Simulation Projects List

EEE Project List (BTech/M-Tech):Simulation MAT-LAB  Course of Instruction: Basics of MATLAB programming/Simulink Designing of Simple circuits in Simulink Steady State Space Analysis of RLC Circuits Electrical Drives/Machines Basic Concepts of Motor AC/DC motors Modeling of Induction Motors Electrical Drives Various speed controlling techniques of AC/DC motors Fuzzy/Neural Networks Power Electronics: Uncontrollable/controllable Converters Various PWM Techniques(…)

Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM)

Abstract Carrier frequency offset abbreviated as CFO in the concept of OFDM systems will then decrease the concept of orthogonal in various kinds of sub carriers. Here loss of Orthogonality will be results in particular performance degradation. This is very much crucial to estimate the performance. A sub optimal approach is introduced in order to(…)

Design and Modeling of a real time pedestrian traffic control system

Introduction and Background:  When ever the normal working conditions of road are suspended, to provide continuity to the blocked traffic always a temporary traffic planning is required. To provide a temporary traffic control, pedestrian moments should be captured and controlled in a proper way for providing better traffic control and moment. Accommodating pedestrian across a(…)

Control of Photovoltaic System with A DC-DC Boost Converter Fed DSTATCOM Using ICOS Ø Algorithm

Control of Photovoltaic System with A DC-DC Boost Converter Fed DSTATCOM Using Icosø Algorithm project is latest matlab project related to power systems. Main objective of this project is to take a effective survey of DSTAT COM  related strategies which are facing in present system. This project will analyze and give detailed report of DSATCOM(…)

Spreading the transmitted symbols in OFDM across the STC-MIMO in Frequency Selective Rayleigh Fading Channels

Abstract: Here it expand this spreading idea through symbols  in the scheme of OFDM by spreading matrices of unitary which depends on the rotated DFT (discrete Fourier transform) or matrices of rotated Hadmund  stated in  literature  to use STC-MIMO-OFDM (Space-Time Coded Multiple-Input Multiple-Output OFDM ) schemes. It refers the resulting schemes to STC-MIMO-BOFDM (STC-MIMO Block(…)