Java Based Projects

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Online Medical Portal an Java Project

Introduction: In today’s world, everything can be controlled and accessed without the physical presence of a person-this is the requisite in today’s modern world. The project “Online medical portal a Java Project” is implemented to fulfill this particular requisite. This project follows a modular approach. In this medical portal, the administration module updates the number(…)

Supply Chain Management System a Java Project

 Management projects are playing key role in the software market if you are looking for a supply and management software project then this project can help you. Supply Chain Management System a Java Project explains about interconnection between product and service packages for the end customer. This application will store all movements from raw materials, work(…)

Port Scanner an Java Project

 Hacking is one of the biggest security issues on the web, though lot of researches were going on we are still facing hacking problems. PORT SCANNER a Java project will be one of the application which deals with hacking protection. This project is about scanning ports of different systems connection to your system and providing security(…)

Online Solution Provider a Java Project.

If you are looking for a customer service related software project then Online Solution provider a java project may be helpful for you. This project is about providing customer services  For software professionals through website. Using this concept users from all over the world who are facing problem with software or hardware can just register in to(…)

Keypass Password Protection Manager A Java Project

If you are looking for a Security related project then Key passes password protection manager a java project comes under this category which may help you. Password manager project allows users to maintain their passwords in a database. This database is locked using password which will store all the user names and passwords of emails,(…)

Java Project on Data Clustering For Pattern Cluster Analysis

Data Clustering For Pattern Cluster Analysis Java project provides option for better data analysis if you are looking for data analysis related project then this project will be help full. In data mining and information discovery, finding out patterns of previous unknown regularities in data using pattern discovery will be a help full tool for categorical(…)

Multi Service Browsers Java Project

Multi service browser java project is about performing search operation suing speech. This application is already in market; Google is using this application for mobiles. This project will be the best option for computer science students.  Web is the collection of large number of pages and documents. Every page is linked with many other pages(…)

Traffic Signal Management A CSE Java Project

Traffic signal management a cse Java project is one of the regularly used applications in our daily life. This project explains about how to control traffic using color signal systems like blue, red, range. As we see this project is a real time application which will be better for students to do this project.  TSM(…)

Tripplea Measure A Client Server Based Java Project

Trip plea measure is a client server based Java project chat application which is used to speed up the process of administration and office work. The idea behind this project is a chat application we use in daily life.  The main features for this chat server application project are it can run under very low(…)