Java Based Projects

Download All Java Projects (J2EE, JDBC, Servlets, JavaScript, JSP), Java Presentations and PPT’s,Final year Java projects,CSE Java Projects. Information technology third year and final year students can download Java Based Projects for final year students, Java Based Projects topics and list of projects with source code and reports for free download.

Multi Service Browsers Java Project

Multi service browser java project is about performing search operation suing speech. This application is already in market; Google is using this application for mobiles. This project will be the best option for computer science students.  Web is the collection of large number of pages and documents. Every page is linked with many other pages(…)

Traffic Signal Management A CSE Java Project

Traffic signal management a cse Java project is one of the regularly used applications in our daily life. This project explains about how to control traffic using color signal systems like blue, red, range. As we see this project is a real time application which will be better for students to do this project.  TSM(…)

Mobile service provider operations portal A Java project

Mobile service provider operations portal A Java project is a customer service provider concept which will reduce the work load for mobile service providers and provide better services and flexibility for costumers and company representatives.  Mobile service provider portal is a java based web application developed under windows xp operating system using sql database as a(…)

Health Care Software A Java Project.

Health Care Software A Java Project explains about computerisation of E-Health care systems.There is lot of scope for development of this project like we had seen few health deparments using softwares for better result.But in E-Health sytems are still working on prescriptions where lot of time is wasted. This application will interlink different departments like(…)

Java Project for Online University Admission

Information Technology final year students who are interested in implementing web application using java as programming language  Online University admission project can help you for gaining knowledge. The main idea for implementing this project is to replace existing admission procedure in educational institutions with a computerized admission system for improving services in universities.  Purpose  Online(…)

Online Tendering CSE Project

Main aim for implementing Online Tendering cse project is to perform product tendering through online web application, according to this process product tender details are published on web with required product information and about the status of the tender and information like starting and ending dates. As we know in present system tender advertising is(…)

Java project on Alumni Information Database

Students of computer science and information technology who are interested in java, database related project with new concept then Java project on Alumni Information Database Project can help you. The main idea for developing this project is to replace existing system of maintaining alumni data of students by implementing a search engine based web application(…)