Java Based Projects

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Post Office Management System a Java Project

Speedy and efficient information processing is important to socially and highly developed technology. Computer reduces the burden of handling vast amounts of information manually and replaces it with technology. The project “Post office management system a Java Project” is designed here to present automation of post office services. The following project has a lot of(…)

Steganography a Java Project

Introduction:     Intrusion of private data is successful due to the fact that it is in a form which can be easily read and understood. This information can be transmitted without permission and modified used and misinterpreted to represent an individual or maybe used to attack. One of the techniques is presented in this project(…)

Online Counseling System a Java Project

The project “Online counseling system a Java Project” has been designed by keeping in mind the objective of enhancing the counseling process. This software will be a very easy for the students. This system is operational as an online system. This system can be used to report, register as wee as search information about various(…)

Online Book Store a CSE Final Year Java Project

Introduction:  The project “Online book store a CSE Final Year Java Project” has been designed for the sole purpose of selling books on a single platform. The website of the book is wherein the books that are mainly sold off are computer and technical books. The customers can access this bookstore via the worldwide(…)

Mobile banking Seminar and Project Using GPRS and MIDP and Java.

Introduction:            The project “Mobile banking using GPRS and MIDP” is an online system on mobiles where banks provide services to their customers. With internet becoming the most popular and secured way for communication, mobile banking has emerged as the most popular category of services. In his system, all banking activities are performed on the(…)

Online Recruitment System an Java Project.

The project “Online recruitment system an java project” has designed an online website wherein jobseekers can register themselves at the site, apply for jobs and attend exams. This system can be implemented at a global level. This website is very useful for prospective candidates who can upload their CVs and apply for jobs they wish(…)

Online Medical Portal an Java Project

Introduction: In today’s world, everything can be controlled and accessed without the physical presence of a person-this is the requisite in today’s modern world. The project “Online medical portal a Java Project” is implemented to fulfill this particular requisite. This project follows a modular approach. In this medical portal, the administration module updates the number(…)

Supply Chain Management System a Java Project

 Management projects are playing key role in the software market if you are looking for a supply and management software project then this project can help you. Supply Chain Management System a Java Project explains about interconnection between product and service packages for the end customer. This application will store all movements from raw materials, work(…)