Java Based Projects

Download All Java Projects (J2EE, JDBC, Servlets, JavaScript, JSP), Java Presentations and PPT’s,Final year Java projects,CSE Java Projects. Information technology third year and final year students can download Java Based Projects for final year students, Java Based Projects topics and list of projects with source code and reports for free download.

Customizable and Divisible Card Payments for Online Purchases Java Project Report

Customizable and Divisible Card Payments for Online Purchases java project provides the design a new infrastructure that supports the divisible card payment where a combination of multiple cards can be used for a single purchase.   Strength of the virtual card payment infrastructure:  The main strength of this virtual card payment infrastructure is that it requires(…)

Download Efficient Algorithm for Mining Frequent Patterns Java Project

Mining Frequent Patterns Java project is the most efficient one. Its function is to mine the transactional data which describes the behavior of the transaction. In an online business or in an online shopping the customers can purchase items together.  Frequent patterns are patterns such as item sets, sub sequences or substructures that appear in(…)

Download an Alumni Association Java Project Report

An alumni association is an association of graduates (alumni) Java Project or, more broadly, of former students. In the alumni of universities, colleges, schools, fraternities and sororities often form groups with alumni from the same organization.  These associations often organize social events; publish newsletters or magazines raise funds for the organization. Many provide a variety(…)

Download Air Ticket Reservation a Java Project Report

Description:  SEA Airlines is a leading travel company offering leisure and business travelers the widest selection of low fares as well as deals on lodging and vacation packages.  The site was created to address the need for an unbiased, comprehensive display of fares and rates in a single location for consumers. SEA Airlines search results(…)

Download Add Express Java Project Report

Add Express Java Project is the largest single source of online intelligence for marketing, advertising, media and research communities worldwide. The central concept of the “ADD EXPRESS” is to allow the customer to place the ads about their business on the website by contacting the ad agency people who are related to that classifieds site.  The(…)

A Signature-free Buffer Overflow Attack Blocker a Java .Net Project Report

Description:  A Signature-free Buffer Overflow Attack Blocker a Java .Net Project propose SigFree, a real-time, signature-free, out-of the box, application layer blocker for preventing buffer overflow attacks, one of the most serious cyber security threats. SigFree can filter out code-injection buffer overflow attack messages targeting at various Internet services such as web service.  Motivated by(…)

A Geometric Approach to Improving Active Packet Loss Measurement a Java Project

A Geometric Approach to Improving Active Packet Loss Measurement a Java Project is for computer science and information technology final year students who are interested in developing packet related final year project.  Description: In geometric approach measuring and analyzing network traffic dynamics between end hosts has provided the foundation for the development of many different(…)

Secured Authentication for Online Banking Using Mobile Phones Java Project

Description:  Now-a-days security concerns are on the rise in all areas such as banks, governmental applications, health care industry, military organization, educational institutions, etc., Member institutions of Online Banking Association rated Security as the most important issue of online banking. New survey finds that 31% of bank customers avoid online transactions because of security reasons.(…)

Online Examination Project a Java Project

Online Examination java project is a newly developed project that assesses students by conducting online objective tests. The tests would be highly customizable. This project will enable educational institutes to conduct test and have automated checking of answers based on the response by the candidates. The purpose of the project is to see that the(…)