Java Based Projects

Download All Java Projects (J2EE, JDBC, Servlets, JavaScript, JSP), Java Presentations and PPT’s,Final year Java projects,CSE Java Projects. Information technology third year and final year students can download Java Based Projects for final year students, Java Based Projects topics and list of projects with source code and reports for free download.

Database Explorer a Java Project

Database explorer java project is a CSE Final year project which will be useful for students who are interested in developing database related projects. The main idea for developing this project is to implement a user friendly graphical user interface for handling database functionality with out using a console. This application will be useful for(…)

Aadhaar Secure Travel Identity A Java Project

Adhaar secure travel identity java project is for CSE final year students who are interested in developing government related projects.This projects main idea is to provide unique id for every citizen in India which will be an alternative for different security identification like passport,driving license.Initially citizens should register to get a UID. Using this system(…)

Enterprise Scheme Planner and Monitoring a Java Project

Enterprise Scheme Planner and Monitoring  Java Project is a CSE Final Year project which will be useful for students who are interested in developing Government related projects on real issue. Developing this application includes many security issues which can be understood by this final year seminar topic. Main idea for developing this project is to manage(…)

Geometric Approach for Improving Active Packet Loss Java Project

Geometric Packet Loss Java Project is for CSE Final year students who are interested in Network management related projects. This projects main aim is to implement a software application which can analyze packet loss accurately from end to end. Before developing this application we need to understand poisson-modulated end to end measurements. This application is(…)

Computerized Maintenance Management System Java Project

Maintenance division in DOE is responsible for the installation and commissioning of the machines and also for their maintenance located at six different shops. The main activities of maintenance involves preventive and breakdown maintenance. The Development of Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) module which is a part of the Integrated Manufacturing Information System (IMIS), facilitates(…)

Network Load Manager a Java Project

Network Load Balancing system report is a java project which explains about the entire process of implementation, coding and development which can be downloaded from this site for a free of cost. This project is for computer science final year students who are interested in developing java based network related project. There are few projects(…)

Ensuring Data Security in Cloud Computing Full Project

Cloud computing Java Project  has been envisioned as the next-generation architecture of IT enterprise. In contrast to traditional solutions, where the IT services are under proper physical, logical and personnel controls, cloud computing moves the application software and databases to the large data centers, where the management of the data and services may not be(…)

Gated Communities Java Project,Code and Paper Presentation

Gated communities(java Project)  are neighborhoods enclosed by walls or fences, and providing services to members in that community. In those services we can provide online food services, marketing, travel agency…..etc. Some gated communities may even have their own places of worship. Gated communities exist throughout the United States. Gated communities are designed to providing services(…)

Global Communication Java Project with Code and Paper Presentation

Global Communication java project is developed for N.E.C. Main idea for developing this application is to reduce communication problem between companies by developing a online conference application. This application will be a better choice to replace existing telephone communication through web by including new features is called Global Communication.  Why to develop Global Communication Java(…)