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Spam E-Mail Filtering A Java Project

Spam E-Mail Filtering Java Project explains about developing anti spam application by using ALPACAS frame work, preserving message transformation process and privacy protecting protocol. This project report covers overview on project, problems in existing system, proposed system features and hardware and software requirement. Google, Yahoo and many other mailing systems are facing problems with spam(…)

Process Analysis in Asynchronous System A Java Project

 Process Analysis in asynchronous system explains about a new method for handling process threads and message transmitting between processes in synchronous manner. This paper covers existing system details, Disadvantages of existing system, proposed system, advantages of proposed system, hardware and software requirements. Inside every system different processes share information by exchanging messages between them as(…)

Object Sharing with Multi Proxies for Edge Service Java Project

Object sharing with multi proxies for edge service java project explains about implementing multiple proxies in internet network for allowing clients to access mutable objects, this process of using proxies is called Quiver. This paper covers introduction to quiver, existing system details, proposed system functionality and hardware and software requirements. Proxies are interconnected to each(…)

Life Span Based Organization Protocol for P2P Systems

Life Span based organization protocol for p2p systems project explains about implementing new protocol for designing less structured p2p system. This project report covers introduction to life span protocol, existing system details, and disadvantages of existing system, proposed system details and hardware and software requirements.  In present network Peer to Peer communication is unstructured and(…)

Latency Reduction in Cell switching Network A Java project

Latency reduction in cell switching network java project explains about a speculative transmission methodology in centrally scheduled cell switch to increase performance in computing applications. This project covers details introduction to speculative transmission system, existing system drawbacks, proposed system details and hardware and software details. In centrally switched cell switch network there is delay in(…)

Data Recovery Using Trap Architecture a Java Project

Data Recovery Using Trap Architecture project explains about a new methodology for recovering data any point of time with 100% accuracy. This project covers details of TRAP system, existing system, proposed system and hardware and software requirements. Data loss problems mainly occur when disk is affected with power problem, virus attack or software defects. Using(…)

Java Projects

This category consists of Java Projects with source code, CSE Final year java projects download, Java Projects ideas, java projects abstracts, 1000 projects in java. Prisoner Face detecting System A Java Project. HI –FI Infirmary Portal Java Project Report. Private Banking Network A Java Project. Harmful Mail Scanning a Java Project. Typing Patterns A Java(…)

Consensus Protocol Concept for AD-HOC Networks Abstract

Consensus protocol Concept for ad-hoc network technical paper explains about developing a new protocol in ad-hoc network for increasing message transferring scalability and reducing messaging cost and time cost for mobile users. In this paper it covers detail introduction to new methodology and how existing system works and improvements in proposed system, hardware and software(…)

Prisoner Face detecting System a Java Project

Prisoner face detecting system java project explains about a software application which is used to identify criminal faces based on image slices of eyes, lips, nose and hairs…etc. This project report covers system analysis, feasibility report, hardware and software requirement, system design, sample coding and testing techniques. In existing system criminal information is stored in(…)

HI –FI Infirmary Portal Java Project Report

HI-Fi Infirmary portal java project explains about a software application which is developed for hospitals to organize information related to patients, doctors and employees. This project report covers purpose of the project, system architecture, overview of the project, literature survey, and system analysis and system requirements. In present scenario hospitals maintain data using manual process(…)