Java Based Projects

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Bank Management System Project Report in Java

EVOLUTION OF Bank Management System Project Report in Java: The Online Bank Management System services are well known as distance banking services operated through electronic medium. The predecessor for the online banking services is the detachment banking services through electronic media from the early 1980s. The word online became most popular in the late 1980’s(…)

Bank Management System Project in Java

Developing a tool/systematic way to look for vulnerabilities and risks in Internet Bank Management System processes. LITERATURE REVIEW: The attacks and frauds on Online Bank Management System are becoming very severe issue and leaving the banking sector in a deep crisis. This research work mainly concentrates on the types of attacks on internet banking, classification(…)

Internet Banking System Java Project

Significance and Scope of the Internet Banking System Java Project: The main aim of the Internet Banking System Java Project is  to develop a procedure that can identify the vulnerabilities in the existing Internet Banking System  process. The possible threats and attacks evolving in the online banking process are studied to formulate a procedure that(…)

Airline Reservation System Java Project

The Engineering Final Year Java project entitled “Airline Reservation System” main aim is to provide the online ticket & seat reservation of National and International Flights and also give us the information about flight departures. In this JAVA Major project mainly we are going to concentrate on ticket booking function, this function will take the(…)

College Faculty Book System in Java Major Final Year Project

The main objective of this College Faculty Book System in Java Major Final Year Project goes to maintain the faculty attendance, faculty personal information,  faculty class information, salary information in a college/school/university. This College Faculty Book System project was developed in Java Programming with back end SQL server. Some other technologies used in this project is HTML, Java Script, DHTML,(…)

Civilization Game Java Final Year Project with Source Code

The main aim of this Final Year Java Project goes to play the simple civilisation game. This Game was written in Advanced Java Programming!! Civilisation Game Source Code contains the below functions: 1) Creates Random Site Map 2) Itcan be run on all Operating Systems About Java Programming Language:  There are few threats to Java(…)

Online Analysis on Node Performance Java Project

Online Analysis on Node performance java project explains about implementing embedded gossip with two other monitoring techniques for checking online performance at each node and improves performance of routing. This paper covers introduction to embedded gossip, existing system details and proposed system features with hardware and software requirements. In existing system it is tough to(…)