Java Based Projects

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Office Correspondence and Auto Questionnaire

INTRODUCTION  GENERAL : Office correspondence and auto questionnaire software’s are developed as per the requirements of the mechanical department. OFFICE CORRESPONDENCE Mechanical department deals with different type of letters. The letters which are received by the mechanical department are incoming letters and the letters which are sending through the department are the outgoing letters. The different(…)

Online Share Trading Portal

Online share trading portal application in java web application where stock exchange related information is shared by online stock brokers.  This application provides features like creating new accounts, tracking transactions , feedback system, listing updated content . Features of Online Share Trading Portal: Trading strategy Put simply, your career online trading is going to be made or broken depending(…)

Planning & Technical Management System in Java

The manual procedure for interaction between the PPO users and the other users in ELS (Electric Loco Shed) is prone to certain limitations.  The existing system has been facing certain limitations like communication gap between various departments of ELS and maintaining the details manually which is a time consuming process. So, it is becoming very(…)

E Fashions Java & SQL Project

Project Title: – e-fashions Purpose of this project: Generally most of the organizations depend on models to launch their products in to the market. Search for the models manually obviously take much time and may not yield the purpose sometimes. This e-fashions project provides an environment for clients to search for models for their advertisements. Administrator: The(…)

JobSeek Web Application in Java

As we have implemented “JOBSEEK”  some of the new technologies will be needed for this change. Proposed system is implemented using following hardware & software: PROPOSED SYSTEM: We developed the JOBSEEK software in HTML, JAVA SCRIPT, JAVA and MS Access:- The following are the advantages:- 1)      The system is user friendly. 2)      Efficient traceability.(…)

Loan Collection and Recovery System Java Project

PROBLEM DEFINITION  FINANCE Office is a firm whose head office is located at Hyderabad and its Branch is located at Ameerpet. The Branch has three Agencies which collects the loan from Customer. The Main work is carried out at Branch level is Loan Collection and Recovery. In Recovery it collects three types of Loan that are Auto,(…)