Java Based Projects

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Online Examination System Java Project

The main aim of developing this Online  Examination system is to provide all college examinations without manual efforts. Have developed this application using java and MySql databse. Modules are described below Admin features list Login Manage subjects -Add subject  list -Delete subject  list -Edit  subject  list Manage  tests -prepare exam -manage exams (edit) -manage questions(…)

Online Staff Leave Management Java Project

ABSTRACT: The Online Staff Leave Management system is used to automate the work flow of leave applications and their approvals. It mainly deals with details of all staffs both teaching and non-teaching staffs of various departments and also their leave maintenance. A staff can submit a leave by checking his current leave balances. The HOD(…)

Modern Authentication to Enhance the Data Security

ABSTRACT: In this project, discuss about how data can be secured with the modern techniques called encryption and finger print authentication technique. REQUIREMENTS: Fingerprint device, Encryption Technique, database to  store the user login and fingerprint and his data, web pages. How it Works? Firstly, A webpage will be displayed in which the user can signup/login(…)

Detection of Code-Smells by Using PSO Technique

In Software Engineering, Software Development Process deals with the activities that are performed according to plan. Activities include Requirements analysis, design, coding, testing and maintenance. In coding phase code smells are identified. Code-smell is a surface indication that usually corresponds to a deeper problem in the system. If code-smells are neglected they gives  path to(…)

Manpower Acquisition Planning and Employee Recruitment System

 Abstract: This project will be designed and developed for any educational universities or colleges  for making recruitment process. “Manpower Acquisition Planning and Employee Recruitment System” is a web-based tool to reduce communication gap between Placement Officers(Applicants) &  Job Providers(MNC Companies). Especially in fast growing IT market technologies are changing very fast, based on technology trend(…)

E-Procurement System Java Project

Objective and Aim: The Main Objective of this E-Procurement System is to design a website which maintains considerable information of an E-Commerce Organization mainly related to college which will be helpful for the user to get information regarding available and needed products of different companies including the best price and with the help of this(…)

E-DONATE Java & MYSQL Project

INTRODUCTION: E-DONATE is an organization for the intellectually challenged individuals. E-DONATE website is a medium to publicize the welfare activities of the organization, so that the web users all over the world can access the website via internet and come across the welfare activities done by the organization. Donors can donate by performing online transaction(…)

Online Boutique Store Java Project

We come across many marked occasions in our life and any occasion is incomplete without flowers. To reduce the rigidity of obtaining the flowers we introduce this web application. The main theme of the web application is to provide ordering boutique in online to users. The Online Boutique Store application provides the details of the nearby(…)

Education Institution Registration Java Project

This Education Institution Registration Java Project is developed for Online Municipality Department Services for Educational Institutions. Educational Institutions are for learning to dynamic educational and cultural centers of the society. Educational Institution Registration ensures that the infrastructural facilities provided in Institution & to acquire quality value-based education. The main objective of a sanitation system of(…)