Java Based Projects

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Campus Activity Portal Java Project

An “Campus Activity Portal” is a collection of Web forms, images, videos and other digital assets that is hosted on one or several Web server, usually accessible via Campus activity Portal is an application would be used by any branch and any year students, programmers, professors or any other staff of college. This application provides(…)

Detect letters S, T, U and colour them red

Project: Detect letters “S”, “T”, “U” and colour them red Domain: Analysis for Mobile Computing Project Steps of the project: implementation of a web‐based application using the Java programming language. Initially, the application allows the uploading of an image file(jpeg) toexecution environment Later it executes a transformation by applying template matching algorithm The result of(…)

Home Improvement System Management Portal

Employee signup: Employee sign up(registration form) should not be there. We can assume that admin will maintain employee userid and password details. Query to insert userid and password details into database by admin should be there. Employee login only should be provided. Change password, Forgot password with security questions can be added. Online Application: Middle(…)

Healthcare Hospital System Java Project

The main goal of the Healthcare Hospital System project is to view the hospital statistics by Directors and management or by those who are authorized to see it. Information included in this project is all users registration, payments,  consultation statistics, pharmacy, surgery, transplants, equipment’s, patients and doctors, healthcare bill, multi valued diagnosis, preventive health care,(…)

Event Organizing Committee Java Project

We need to develop a web application which makes organize a big event like University Day of Service easy. A short abstract of the functionalities/ modules of the Event Organizing Committee application is as follows: Modules of the application involve: Applicant           (Organizations which request service) Volunteer         (Students/ Student Group) Sponsor             (Who can support(…)

Educational Products Suppliers Project in Java

Business Idea: The main goal of Educational products suppliers project is to collect all the educational products and place them in to single website and sell them through online. Nature of the project/ Process of Purchase: Collecting all the products those are like books, charts, Puzzles etc., which comes under stationary. We have to collect(…)

Online Examination System Java Project

The main aim of developing this Online  Examination system is to provide all college examinations without manual efforts. Have developed this application using java and MySql databse. Modules are described below Admin features list Login Manage subjects -Add subject  list -Delete subject  list -Edit  subject  list Manage  tests -prepare exam -manage exams (edit) -manage questions(…)

Online Staff Leave Management Java Project

ABSTRACT: The Online Staff Leave Management system is used to automate the work flow of leave applications and their approvals. It mainly deals with details of all staffs both teaching and non-teaching staffs of various departments and also their leave maintenance. A staff can submit a leave by checking his current leave balances. The HOD(…)

Modern Authentication to Enhance the Data Security

ABSTRACT: In this project, discuss about how data can be secured with the modern techniques called encryption and finger print authentication technique. REQUIREMENTS: Fingerprint device, Encryption Technique, database to  store the user login and fingerprint and his data, web pages. How it Works? Firstly, A webpage will be displayed in which the user can signup/login(…)