Java Based Projects

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Recipe Publishing Management System Project

The purpose of this Recipe Publishing Management System Project is to define scope and requirements for recipe publishing tool  to be developed for Specialty food chain. This chain has become popular in various kinds of cuisines across country. A brief background for this initiative goes back to company’s marketing strategy of sharing their most popular(…)

Health Record Management System Project

INTRODUCTION: The Health Record Management System is used in order to simplify the conventional way of checking in patients where we can increase the availability and usage of the information in the record, improve the quality of information as well as health care and benefit each patients checking in as well as the whole of(…)

Two Wheeler Showroom Management

ABSTRACT  The project entitled “Two Wheeler Showroom Management” is to be developed for maintaining the show room activities like, customer maintenance, customer quotation generation, vehicle sales, customer dues maintaining for the instalment customers,  vehicle service and spare parts sales, Customer follow ups details, customer feedback form entry and employee details. The system is efficient in(…)

Material Management and Stores accounting system

MATERIAL MANAGEMENT ABSTRACT: To develop software for Material Management and Stores accounting system to resolve the problems faced by the material managers in the organisation as a solution. Objectives: 1. To develop the software for transparent procurement of materials/ items and accounting of all the inward goods transactions/items. 2. To improve the material management inventory(…)

Patient Management System (PMS)

Project Title: Patient Management System (PMS) Project Abstract: The project consists of Patient Management System (PMS) which is a part of Hospital Management System (HMS). This project contains seven modules namely-Admin, Receptionist, Doctor, Payment Counter, Clinic Center, Inpatient and Online Registration. Hospitals must need to maintain the information of the patients very accurately and up to(…)

College Management System (CMS)

MOTIVATION             Improving the awareness of CMS  The software facilitates the administrators to know the present status of a student of the college.  The software gives the information such as student personal data, student fees details, results  etc.  Generating the print reports of student personal, fee as well as result details….  Hence we conclude that(…)

Query Handling System

ABSTRACT This Query Handling System project is designed for the college students to handle the queries which are frequently asked by the students. In this Query Handling System project we are providing a chance for the student to clarify their doubts by posting the questions. Normally it is very hard to handle all this query(…)