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Career Information Maintenance Project in Java

Career Information Maintenance is a project in Java developed for Engineering Corporation. The main concept of Career Information Maintenance is to computerize the users profile and conduct online interviews.By using this system we can save time and work involved for employing people to the jobs posted.For this a separate section named placement cell is maintained(…)

Knowledge Evaluator Project in Java

Knowledge Evaluator Project in Java is uefuls to know how actually any knowledge evaluation system works, their patterns, grading system and techniques. This project comes under education related software application which works as a web application. EXISTING SYSTEM  “Knowledge Evaluator” works with a predefined patterns and techniques as in to provide perfect evaluation to a(…)

Configuring PC as a Router Project Report

The Configuring PC as a Router project in Java is aimed at creating software that will act as a router in the particular network. This document’s scope is restricted to the discussion of above.  System Overview:  Software router system will be developed in following stages. a)      The first stage is a login by administrator and(…)

Contrivance Planning Management System Project in Java

Main objective of contrivance planning management System software application is to help users to get information regarding organizations and send resumes and get details directly from organizations and human resource team. This application has option to share information between experienced members in that field and gain knowledge on updating technologies. Existing System: In existing system(…)

Web Based Automated Manufacturing System Project

Project Titled Web based automated manufacturing system project is a software application which comes under management category. This application is specially designed for companies which manufactures products based on orders and send stock to dealers in given time.  This management software will handle billing management, dealers requests, parts , requesting for parts, products supply, product(…)

Personal Organization System Project in Java

Personal organization System Project in Java is synchronization software which is designed to update information between personal computer and office data store.  In order to sync data this software must be available in personal system and office data store. Personal Organization System Project Purpose:                 Personal organization is specially designed to software employees and companies for(…)

Doctor and Hospital Management System Project

Doctor and Hospital Management System Project is used by the people who  in remote areas.and also this system also used by the people who are far away from hospitals.The system also provides computarized self test to the users and suggesting the appropriate medicines / suggestions ton their problems.  System specific Modules: There are 3 main modules.(…)

Truth Finder Algorithm Project in Java

Truth finder project is search algorithm used to display high quality sites and accurate content sites on the first page of the search.  At present most of the search algorithms are designed based on back linking and links of sites on other websites.  We cannot accurately analyse sites data based on these two methods. This problem of(…)