HTML Projects

Java Project on Computer to Computer Learning System

Computer to Computer Learning System Computer to Computer Learning is the modern way of education, in which the students can get the valuable information through CD’s and Digital Copies. Generally, an existing system the educational institutions provide online material which is one-way uploading and hence the database is limited to a single person and hence(…)

Online Seminar Hall and Auditorium Booking System

The Online Seminar Hall and Auditorium Booking System is divided into four main modules. Each and every module performs a particular work. Those 4 modules are Maintenance of user and seminar hall Booking the seminar hall Approval and Rejection by In-charge Role of Principal Maintenance of user and seminar hall It consists of Signup, Login and(…)

Easy Resource Utilization System

This Easy Resource Utilization System project aims to development of booking seminar halls and auditoriums in our college through online. It reduces the traditional/manual maintenance system. It creates a user-friendly website for users. Here, four types of users are available like Principal, Administrator, Seminar hall in-charge and Head of Departments or Booker. Booker can check(…)

Income Tax Return Processing Java Project

Abstract: Income tax return processing is an application which will make the processing of income tax returns forms faster and provides the users to  see all the advantages with details. Introduction: Income tax return processing is a java based web application where all the automated processing is introduced. By this application we can reduce our(…)

Music World HTML Project

Name of the Project : Music World Project Objectives : Create a website which displays all the information about music and various categories of music like: jazz, rock, rap, pop and classical. All the information about artists and their Histories. Project Initiation / Requirement Documents Information about the artists. Information about the albums. Deliverables Hardbound Documentation(…)

Web Portal for National Parks in HTML

Web portal for National parks is a website which provides the people who are interested in visiting national parks and interested in  wild animals can view our website to where they can get to know where the national park is situated and what all animals residing in that national park.  In this web site we(…)