GSM Projects

This category consists of gsm projects for final year ece students and gsm project ppts and project reports. Electronics final year students can download latest collection of gsm projects with project reports for mini and major projects.

GPS Projects for Students

This category consists of GPS based project for final year students. GPS projects can be useful for telecom engineers and electronics engineering students. Here we provide entire project information and free download of project abstract and project report and project with source code. You can contact us through mail for getting this project for less(…)

SMS Based Home Automation

Project on “SMS Based Home Automation”. Project Description:  The main aim of the SMS Based Home Automation Electronics & communication Engineering project is to develop an electronic application which uses GSM Mobile technology that keeps control of different electronics devices, this system executes clear output according to the message sent by the mobile phone. Just(…)

Multiprotocol Routing For Automatic Remote Electricity Meter Reading Using GSM Carrier System

Multiprotocol routing for automatic remote electricity meter reading using GSM carrier system paper explains about implementing a automated mobile SMS requesting system which works on GSM and embedded system technology. Every electricity meter is embedded with hardware system which is a assemble of embedded system and GSM SIM. For every month ending electricity board will send(…)

Vehicle Tracking System

Project Title: Vehicle Tracking System Project Technology:  Embedded system with GSM & GPS Project Description: In this Vehicle Tracking System project a GPS receiver is mounted on the vehicle with GSM modem, which dynamically gets latitude and longitude details and process to find the exact location, once the location is finalized it is sent to(…)

Route Guidance For Blind People Using GSM & GPS Modems

Project Scope:  The main aim of this Route Guidance For Blind People Using GSM & GPS Modems project is to route guidance and obstacles detection for a blind person. Here we used GSM, GPS & Microcontroller, which are the main essentials of the project. At The µC has four ports, one port is assigned for(…)

Electronic Devices by Using GSM Technology Mini Project

Project Title: Electronic Devices by Using GSM Technology Mini Project  Project Description:    This Electronic Devices by Using GSM Technology Electronics & Communication Engineering project with the apparatus and method for controlling electronic devices based on Global System for Mobile Communications technology wireless communication.    The main aim & objective of the final year project is(…)

SMS Based Railway Reservation System ECE Project

The GSM Technology to book the tickets of railways by SMS. It is utilized in the globe to automate the reservation method of railways by SMS in addition internet. You are able to transfer the message by beginning with destination station name, station name, passenger name, and payment information such as Credit Card number. This(…)

SMS Based E-Notice Board for College ECE Project

Wireless communication has declared its advent on great level and globe is becoming mobile. The remote operating devices are because of Embedded Systems. The Embedded System in Communication results in several attractive applications which make sure of security and comfort for human life. The important goal of this SMS Based E-Notice Board for College ECE(…)

SD Card Interfacing with ATmega ECE Seminar Project

Within the last few years, the Secure Digital (SD) memory Card has evident like the de facto memory answer for the Equipments and portable gadgets such as mobile phones, camera, PDA, MP3 players, GPS navigation modules, and gaming consoles. The SD Card Interfacing with ATmega ECE Seminar Project shows the method to interface SD card(…)

PC Based GPS Microcontroller Project

The approach of modern high-speed methods and the developing PC capacity gave the actual chance for modern rate productive methods and identifying modern concepts of novelties. The technical development along with requirement for great accomplishment methods made it quick and very fast and very imaginative items with the help of advanced and drives functional algorithms.(…)