GSM Projects

This category consists of gsm projects for final year ece students and gsm project ppts and project reports. Electronics final year students can download latest collection of gsm projects with project reports for mini and major projects.

Heart Beat Monitoring System

In recent days wireless patient Heart Beat monitoring system Project are gaining high reputation in medical field in terms of providing a reliable and accurate diagnosis for the patient. Here in this project Report “Heart beat monitoring by GSM technology” we implemented a micro controller based heart beat monitoring system based on GSM module. These(…)

GSM Based Home Security System Electronics Project for Final Year Students

Introduction to GSM Based Home Security System Electronics Project: This final year assignment aims to expose students in higher education and technical studies the thoughts & logical processes that need to be urbanized to ensure the student can translate their work into something existing. This is generally done by the creation of a design or a(…)

CSE Mini Project Topic on GSM Modem Based SMS Gateway with Project Report

AT COMMANDS are used to design a SMS gateway that can easily communicate with the GSM modem. For proper interaction this system will have a user friendly graphical interface. This in turn will connect with the modem using protocol like HTTP and others. This system is highly advanced and it is designed with several objectives(…)

Remote Notice Board Using GSM With SMS Full Project Report

Introduction to Remote Notice Board Using GSM With SMS Project: The world is shrinking with time because today people from all over the world can easily communicate with one another in just a matter of seconds. Digital techniques of communication are the main brainchild behind this success and with the passage of time these techniques are(…)

GSM Technology Project Report

Introduction to GSM Technology Project: GSM subscriber telephony services: Under this, the services are ability to make and receive calls to fixed and mobile subscribers all over the world, DTMF, emergency calls, FAX, SMS, cell broadcast. CME 20 in GSM supports some supplementary services which can compliment and modify both tele services and bearer. Call forwarding(…)

Voice Enabling System for Blind People Using GPS Project Abstract

If we want to go to a function at a not so known place and we don’t know anything about that place like culture, language etc. what we would do, it would be extremely difficult to reach our desired destination. This is a problem faced by all of us regularly, most of the cases we(…)

A Remote Home Security System Based On Wireless Sensor Network and GSM Technology Project Report

Introduction: This paper elaborates the working of the home security alarm system developed by employing WSN and GSM technology. WSN technology has the capability to detect object information in dangerous conditions. By using GSM networks we can transfer information to large distances. A system  software is developed in C51 which sends and receives data, and(…)

Collide Vehicle Information Capturing Using Gps and Gsm Technologies Project

The main aim of this Collide Vehicle Information Capturing Using Gps and Gsm Technologies project is to get the vehicle information using the GSM and GPS technologies, this GSM is the global system for mobile (to get the vehicle information using SIM (subscriber identity module)), and GPS (global system for mobile) is used to find(…)

Vehicle Information Communication Safety Combined With Mobile RFID System Project

The main aim of this Vehicle Information Communication Safety Combined with Mobile RFID System project is to get vehicle information using Radio frequency identification tag. This ECE project mainly use the equipments of microcontroller of type LPC2148, it is a 64-pin device, RF ID reader is used to drive the vehicle, when the tag is(…)